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This is an alphabet I made when I was young. I originally wanted to make a font for this a long time ago, but I couldn't get it to curve properly. Now with the invention of brick nudging, I can finally complete this fontstruction. The words are spelled as they sound. Consonants: K, G (hard g only), T, D, S, Z, Sh (press 'c'), Zh ('s' in 'invasion', 'ge' in 'beige', etc.) (press 'x'), Ch (press 'q'), J, R, L, Y, W, P, B, F, V, N, M, & H. There is also a variation of H (press capital 'Y') that represents no sound, and is used for words starting w/ vowels, or diphthongs like "ou". Vowels: Lowercase 'a' 'e' 'i' 'o' & 'u' represent 'a' in 'bat', 'e' in 'egg', 'i' in 'thick', 'o' in 'pot', & 'u' in 'thud' or 'put' respectively. Capital 'A' 'E' 'I' 'O' & 'U' represent 'igh' in 'high', 'ay' in 'way', 'ee' in 'tree', 'oa' in 'boat', & 'oo' in 'boot' respectively. Examples: daisy = dEsI book = buk ornament = YOrnumint willpower = wilpaYUr poison = pOYIsin channel = qanl fashion = facin life = lAf
Info: Created on 10th June 2014 . Last edited on 13th June 2014.
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Welcome back BISMUTH. i still like your good intuition for very intriguing designs
Comment by cirque traumaccord 10th July 2014
@Cirque - Thanks!
Comment by Bismuth 2nd August 2014

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