Play with Zoom for different sensations
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Wed, 26th December, 2:02 PM 2012
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winty5 Wed, 26th December, 2012

Ooo, more cool effects! 10/10

Neurone Experiments
Neurone Experiments Wed, 26th December, 2012

Most of these concepts come from a time when we couldn't make composites nor brickstacking and had a reduced set of bricks ( we didn't have the 4 arc bricks which came later as a revolution)... but we had filters, and i much experimented with them trying out some rarely used formulas. Some of them like X-Church,Tripton or Artlien found their way to the TESTAMENT and achievement status, but many of them were too difficult to develop decently in "real" fonts and pass the barrier of amazing experiments. I try to select and eventually improve the very best of them for the ARCHIVEs. This one for instance was the 7th of a mini series (and my favorite, mixing op-art with its strict parallels seeming to move contrarily and the strange 3d sensation which was specific to this one).