Play with ZOOM for different blurring effects.
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Tue, 25th December, 11:22 AM 2012
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Tue, 25th December, 11:59 AM 2012
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Neurone Experiments
Neurone Experiments Tue, 25th December, 2012

This one has evolved to something significantly different. This ARCHIVE is becoming a "new" series based on old experiments

winty5 Tue, 25th December, 2012

Love the blur effects. 10/10

winty5 Tue, 25th December, 2012

When close up, it reminds me of chain-mail.

Neurone Experiments
Neurone Experiments Tue, 25th December, 2012

Thanks Winty, i was more thinking to islamic church pattern but chain-mail is also a good interpretation

Yautja Thu, 27th December, 2012

Awesome blur effect! Looks great in small & big sizes.

Neurone Experiments
Neurone Experiments Thu, 27th December, 2012

Thanks Yautja! the center dot in b,d,p,q,o were not there in the old version. Adding them i thought to your retrofuturist work. I'm glad you liked. This made me even closer of the initial concept : clean techno shapes blurred with "religious" patterns.

p2pnut Fri, 28th December, 2012

Working the Zoom slider back and forth gives some great psychadelic effects. 10/10

Neurone Experiments
Neurone Experiments Fri, 28th December, 2012

Thanks @p2pnut: i remember you, Frodo7 and Funk_King supported much the long series of "blurring patterns" fonts i made then. For this one i tried to improve the style of the shapes (more retrofuturistic) and the balance.