Help : Making Pixel Fonts

Every FontStruction has a scalable vector outline. So you can build fonts that work at any size. But FontStruct is also optimized for the creation of Flash-compatible pixel fonts.

Creating a pixel font with FontStruct is very simple. Just note three things:

1. Use only the default square for drawing.

2. When you download your font, look in the ‘read_me.txt’ for information on the optimal pixel size for the font in Flash.

3. There’s a special panel, accessible under “View” from the menu at the top of the screen, called “Pixel Preview”. This will show you the current letter at a brick=pixel resolution:

Pixel Preview

Note that this panel, shows 1 black pixel for any brick on the canvas, whatever its shape, so it only provides an accurate preview for square pixels.

Using your pixel font in flash and other software

There are many resources in the internet explaining how best to use pixel fonts, and how to avoid blurring. Do a quick Google search or read this tutorial.

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