Help : Changing Letters

You can create many different letters using FontStruct.
In the bottom left of the screen is a menu for choosing the active character set.

character set selector

Clicking it will reveal a list of all available character sets:

character set selector open

Note that there is no problem in creating a FontStruction containing letters from multiple character sets. Also you don’t have to create letters, you could create icons or other kinds of pictograms for example.

Depending on your operating system, not all characters in all characters sets may be displayed properly. The FontStruct team is working to improve this situation.

Tips on Changing Letters

You can use the keyboard to quickly move from letter to letter without having to use your mouse. The left and right arrow keys will move to the previous and next letters in the current character set respectively. 

More Letters

In Expert Mode you are able to design many more different character sets and letters.



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