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The FontStructor has six main tools which are selected by clicking on the corresponding icon in the Tools Palette, or by hitting a shortcut key. Such tools may be familiar from other drawing software.

The Pen Tool

Pen Tool The pen is the main drawing tool. Click, or click and drag anywhere on the squared canvas to place bricks in the various squares. Hold down the shift key if you want to switch to the Eraser tool temporarily. Clicking the pen tool repeatedly over a single grid square will cycle through the bricks in  the ‘ My Bricks’ panel (read more). 

The Eraser Tool

Eraser Tool The eraser clears every grid square it is clicked over. You can also drag a box over multiple bricks to clear them all. Hold down the shift key if you want to switch to the Pen tool temporarily.

The Rectangle Tool

Rectangle Tool The rectangle tool fills rectangular blocks of grid squares with the currently selected brick. Click and drag on the canvas to do this.

The Select Tool

Select The select tool can be used to select single or multiple bricks for cut, copy and paste operations, or to drag around the drawing canvas. If you can't select all the bricks you need with one click, or one click-and-drag, hold down the shift key to add bricks to the current selection. You can also simply drag individual bricks around with this tool.

The Line Tool

 Line Tool Click once on the square at the start of the line, and once more on the end square to draw a line.

The Hand Tool

Hand Tool Click and drag to move the entire canvas around. Whatever tool you currently have selected, holding down the spacebar will switch to the hand tool.

Other Tools

Other tools are accessible using keyboard shortcuts.

For example you can access a pipette tool by holding down the cmd key (Mac) or the alt key (Windows) while using the pen, rectangle or line tools. By clicking on any brick on your canvas using the pipette, you switch to drawing with that brick.

If you hold down the shift key while using the line tool, you will get a line eraser tool.






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