Help : Keyboard Shortcuts

Note that no keys work in Full Screen mode, except the ESC key which exits Full Screen mode.

Tool Palette

B Pen
E Eraser
R Rectangle
P Pointer
N Line
H Hand

Alternate Tools

Tools Key Becomes
Pen, Rectangle, Line +Shift Eraser
Pen, Rectangle, Line +Alt or Command Pipette
Eraser +Shift Pen
Pointer +Shift Add to selection
Pointer +Alt or Command Remove from selection


S Save
Enter Preview
K Download Font
Shift+X Toggle Expert Mode

Select Letter

Left Arrow Previous Letter
Right Arrow Next Letter
L then Key Choose Letter (the first letter entered after L)


Z Undo
Y Redo
C Copy
X Cut
V Paste


A Select All
D Select None


+ Zoom In
- Zoom Out
. Show / Hide Pixel Preview
J Show / Hide Adjacent Characters
M Toggle Minimal View
F11 Full Screen View
G Show / Hide Grid
I Show / Hide Expert Info
U Show / Hide Extra Guides
F Show / Hide Filters
O Show / Hide Outline Mode
W Show / Hide Width Adjustor


Shift+1 Cycle Mode (default)
Shift+2 Simple Mode
Shift+3 Brick Stacking Mode


Shift+H Flip Horizontally
Shift+V Flip Vertically
Shift+L Rotate Left
Shift+R Rotate Right
Shift+G Make Composite Brick from Selection


Spacebar Hold down to pan the canvas
F1 Help
Numbers 0-9 Make the corresponding brick active in ‘My Bricks’

Expert Mode

Shift+U Toggle Unicode Letter Sets
Shift+J Lock/Unlock Guides
Shift+Left Arrow Nudge selected bricks to the left
Shift+Right Arrow Nudge selected bricks to the right
Shift+Up Arrow Nudge selected bricks upwards
Shift+Down Arrow Nudge selected bricks downwards

Preview Mode

A Show / Hide Spacing Controls


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