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by thalamic

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...because it's not quite blackletter, is it?
     This font went through a lot of (interrupted) modification. Started off quite different; this is how it ended-up. My conclusion: All fonts want to be blackletter.
Info: Created on 2nd April 2009 . Last edited on 4th September 2013.
License All Rights Reserved. No download available.
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Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You risk losing your commenting priveleges if you do so. Read more.

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Can't download. What's going on, admins? FontStruct has been very flaky lately.
Comment by thalamic 8th April 2009
Brilliant, once again.
Do you think the 's' looks like it belongs to the italic version?

Spoke to Rob Meek regarding problems lately. They've just transferred servers, and are obviously having more than a few technical problems.
1. Unable to save.
2. Unable to download
3. Unable to see fonts
4. Slow loading times

Rob sent me these messages:-
Hi djnippa,
The FontStruct website has moved to a new server and there are some
general technical problems. It may take a few days to fix things. Once
they are fixed, everything should work fine. Sorry for any
inconvenience. Let me know if the problem is still there when the site
comes up again.
Regards, Rob

Hi Nippa, regarding downloading fonts. We're working on it. The font generator is as you have noticed simple not working.
We'll get it back up asap.
cheers, Rob
Comment by djnippa 8th April 2009
must be a problem with the server, you should contact FS staff.
BTW: the font looks Outstanding!
Comment by jmarquez 8th April 2009
Comment by aphoria 8th April 2009
@djnippa: Thanks.
The s does not fit, I agree. I tried about 15 different s shapes--this is the one I disliked the least. I also don't like the 4.

@jmarquez: I'm sure they'll fix it sooner or later and probably have their hands full at the moment. I'll let them be.
Thanks for liking the font. It is always nice to get positive feedback.

@aphoria: Your constant support always leaves my heart aphlutter. Thanks.
Comment by thalamic 8th April 2009
@thalamic lol

I agree about the s, but I think the 4 is ok.
Comment by aphoria 8th April 2009
The image below is the font I was trying to develop that transformed into this font.
Comment by thalamic 8th April 2009
Your starting font is very digital, while your end font is very organic.
Comment by aphoria 8th April 2009
amazing work!
we are still working on the server problems. thanks for your patience everyone!
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 8th April 2009
hey, calm down :D

this is after all, completely free!
none of us is in the position to DEMAND for anything!

you'll get this boat shipping
Comment by kix 8th April 2009
Here's a possible for the 's'. I'm sure you've already tried similar. It still needs a bit of tweaking and balancing, but I think it fits better than the current 's'. I also tweaked the 'c' as that looked odd shooting off into space.
Comment by djnippa 10th April 2009
Great work here Thalamic!
I'm agree that the 's' loooks a little bit out of place, also some adjustments on 'c' and perhaps 'e'

I like the djnippa suggestion for 'c' and 's', this way, I think, matches better with the other glyphs.

Otherwise I like this one a lot :)

Comment by Axel Leyer 15th May 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Grayletter” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 23rd June 2009
Another example of an overlooked Top Pick... a lovely bold script design.

I agree with djnippa and Axel Leyer that some characters are asking for small adjustments. Any plans to continue working on this one?
Comment by gferreira_admin 23rd June 2009
it's exciting to see what happens when traditional lettering meets digital modular displays. works very well for this one.
Comment by David Neustadt (saberrider) 27th June 2009
Can I join the party? I've been squirreling away in my corner instead of checking the posts.

What a beautiful job, thal. I like nippa's suggestion for the s but I think you should keep your one as an alternate. As for the c: I'm all for whimsy (surely not, I hear you say).
Comment by intaglio 27th June 2009
Thanks, guys. I did this a while ago, and I have, more or less, lost all interest in it. There are many disturbing things about this font. For example, the curve of the third leg of m (and many other characters) appears to be smaller than the other two. The solution could either be to smooth-out the first two legs or lower the third leg. Tried that...it created additional problems of curve connectivity to the next letter. I thought this sweep of the curve worked well so I based everything on that. But if I change that, the whole thing will have to change. Furthermore, I have no idea what I was thinking when I did the horizontal strokes on z 5 7 and the flippy c is too quirky. That 4 does not match the flow of the other numbers and the downward sweep of the 9 is not smooth. There are certain characters here that work but others fail miserably. To be honest, I do like the idea of this, but in its current state its not quite working, is it? Maybe, someday, I'll take it up again. Thanks for the support, everyone.
Comment by thalamic 28th June 2009
Comment by thalamic 10th July 2009
always liked this one. i agree with saberrider, it's like a mashup with traditional lettering and didgital type. cool :)
Comment by funk_king 30th July 2009
Comment by mica 12th August 2011
This is a nice script font. Love the numbers. I really like fonts like this, good job. 10/10
Comment by Noah (winty5) 28th December 2012
The "s" from the example by djnippa would fit more into this font in my opinion.
Comment by kardaw 2nd September 2013
Fine, fine. Updated.
Comment by thalamic 2nd September 2013
kardaw: Your userpic is hypnotic.
Comment by thalamic 2nd September 2013
Love your new s, thalamic!!
And yes, kardaw's avatar also got me staring for a while...
Comment by Icelar 2nd September 2013
@thalamic "My conclusion: All fonts want to be blackletter." You're the designer, maybe you're the one secretly obsessed with blackletter :P
Comment by Umbreon126 3rd September 2013
Comment by thalamic 3rd September 2013
After years of sitting around, I finally got the nerve to try the uppercase. But seeing the result, maybe I should have left well-enough alone. Therefore, I quit...for tonight.
Comment by thalamic 3rd September 2013
I like blocks more than pixels.
Comment by minidonut 3rd September 2013
can't believe i never commented on this one. the fact that it was one of the examples meek chose to illustrate the script comp says it all. glad you found the time to work on it again. it's worth it!
Comment by laynecom 3rd September 2013
Comment by thalamic 4th September 2013
Comment by thalamic 4th September 2013
I've missed this pretty! What a lovely!
Comment by elmoyenique 5th September 2013

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You risk losing your commenting priveleges if you do so. Read more.

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