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TYPOWER GOTHIQUE - A bold humanist gothic style grotesque.

This was so much friggin work, and still I have only the basic Latin characters.

The amount of work that went into getting the stoke modulations and smooth edges done right was unreal. But, I couldn't be more happy with the result so far.

I will add more characters soon.

What do you guys think so far?

Suggestions or tips are more than appreciated.



Comment by Sed4tives 25th may 2019

It got corrupted twice today, but lucky enough I could fix it in both occasions. But the strange thing about it was that in on both occasions the exact same beveled corner brick got replaced with, believe it or not, the same 1/4th circle segment brick on both occasions. This basically rules out that it was due to a accidental manual swap on my behalf, but rahter at random. After I restored it again I decided to make a backup clone of it!

Somehow this clone seemed to be currupted right from the start, and, yes, in exactly the same way again.

So, I fixed it again, this time not brick-swapping, but brick by brick manually, and each time the brick was freshly taken from the standard brick pallet rather than the custom pallet, hoping to eliminate whatever traces it left behind completely. So in the process I also automatically replaced possible rotated duplicated with its original correctly positioned variety. when I completed this task I pressed "Shift+T" as well, to Remove unused, duplicate and empty Palette Slots. 

But still something within the font is keeping some sort of traces for this bug.

Any one got any clues?

Comment by Sed4tives 26th may 2019

And again the same thing happened after saving the font again, so restoration once again. I just completed another manual brick by brick cleanup for all affected glyphs. Same as I did with the backup clone, which is replacing every possible rotated copy of it with a freshly recomposited and propper orientated variation. Lets hope it was the last time for it to occure, because this has me pretty scared of making any changes to the font all together right now!

Comment by Sed4tives 26th may 2019

Okay, I think I effectively canceled out all the conflicts that caused the font to corrupt upon saving. Seems stable again right now. (multple saves done without corrupting it again so far!!)

Comment by Sed4tives 26th may 2019

This is so beautifully shaped. What a lot of patience dealing with so many corruptions! It looks like you've succeeded, congratulations! 10/10 I deleted my fonts where such problems transferred from a repaired version to every clone; I even stopped working as 'too many' fonts never advanced.

Comment by Aeolien 27th may 2019

Mirroring everything I said on Discord. This is outstanding. I might even start using it as my chat font :D

Comment by zephram 27th may 2019

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