Faq : Cloning

Cloning is a great feature of FontStruct that allows designers to permit other FontStruct users to make editable copies of their work. With clones designers can improve, adapt, learn from and experiment with existing FontStructions. Not every FontStruction can be cloned, only ones which are shared with a license which permits cloning. All clones will credit the original "ancestor" designers and works on FontStruct and in the font download files.

So clone away, but please do not:

  1. Publish unaltered or minimally altered clones. These may be removed from the gallery by staff.
  2. Distribute renamed and unaltered clones or represent them as your own original work outwith FontStruct.com

On the other hand please also remember that users, especially those new to FontStruct, may accidentally or without thinking publish an unaltered clone. So please be gentle with them when asking them to remove it.





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