Faq : An Overview of Licensing

An Overview of Licensing for FontStructors

Who’s licensing what to whom?

If they choose to share work publicly on FontStruct, The FontStruct designer or "FontStructor" licenses their font software to anyone who downloads or clones it.
FontStruction designs belong to their designers. Simple as that. They do not belong to FontStruct.

How and when do I set a license for my work?

Whenever you choose to share one of your FontStructions by clicking the "Share this with everyone" button and then clicking "Save Changes" you are also licensing your work.

When you click "Share this with everyone" and before you click "Save Changes" you will (usually) see a select box containing a number of options. Choose the license you require from the dropdown.

For most licensing options you will also see an "About this license" link. Click on this link for more information about each option.

Do I have to choose a license every time I share a FontStruction?

You can choose a preferred license for all of your FontStructions.

Go to "My FontStruct" and then "Settings" to choose a "Default sharing license".
Once you have done this, the chosen default license will be used for all your newly created FontStructions.

I don't see any license options when I choose to share

If you clone a FontStruction with a "share alike" license this prohibits you from changing the license of the clone so you will not see the select box of options in that case.

Someone has infringed the license agreement for one of my FontStructions. What do I do now ?

This is entirely the responsibility of the FontStructor as the designer of the work.

We do not, will not, and can not offer any legal support to any FontStructors who wish to proceed against someone whom they believe has infringed against the license under which they shared their work.

Can I change the license for my FontStruction?

You can use the FontStruct website to change the license you use to share your work at any time.

Importantly, you cannot change a license retrospectively. Once a font has been published and downloaded under a given license, that particular download cannot be relicensed.

For example, if you publish a font under a license allowing commercial usage, and later decide to make it private, or restrict use to non-commercial that's fine, but anyone who can get their hands on the old download can still use that version of your FontStruction on a money-making project. That's one good reason why all FontStruct users should have a good think about licensing when they first publish.

How do I (dis)allow cloning, downloading, redistribution, or commercial use?

Use the following matrix to help you choose the license best-suited to your needs ( Click to enlarge ):

License Options


Can I use my own license to share FontStructions on FontStruct?

We don't offer a custom license option for downloads from FontStruct.com yet, but of course you can do whatever you want with your own creations. You can edit and repackage them and offer them for download however and wherever you like, for example on a personal blog or website.



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