Faq : How do I clone a FontStruction?

Cloning allows people to quickly make variations and extend existing FontStructions.

If you'd like to use a FontStruction but it lacks some letters you need, you can clone it and add these characters yourself. The cloning function also assists in the creation of families of FontStructions.

You can clone your own FontStructions at any time. Shared FontStructions can be cloned by other FontStructors, depending on the license. 

You can disable cloning of your shared FontStructions by choosing a “No Derivatives” license. The original author(s) and FontStruction(s) are always displayed on the home page of a cloned FontStruction. So cloned FontStructions cannot be claimed as completely original work.

Private FontStructions can only be cloned by their creators To clone a FontStruction go to its homepage, either by clicking on it in the Gallery or from your ‘My FontStruct” page if it’s one of yours. Then click on the “clone” button. Name your new FontStruction, and then click on "clone" again. You will be taken to the FontStructor editor to edit your cloned FontStruction.

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