Faq : How do I share a FontStruction?

FontStructions can be private or shared.

We encourage users to share their FontStructions but the choice is yours. You might, for example, wish to keep your FontStruction private until you have completed a certain number of characters.

By default, all FontStructions are private.

Only shared FontStructions will appear anywhere else on the site, including in the gallery. The homepage for a private FontStruction will also not be accessible to anyone but the creator of that FontStruction. No-one else can see, download, clone, discuss or rate a private FontStruction.

To change the sharing status of a FontStruction, go to “My FontStruct” and click on the FontStruction you want to change. On the FontStruction’s dedicated page, in the Details section, you will see the radio button for changing the sharing status. Click on “Keep this private” or “Share with everyone” as required.

Once you’ve changed the sharing setting, remember to click on “Save Changes”.

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