Decay of TNR

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by blandsdf


I began by exploring the theme of decaying objects, such as fruit, and studied the shape (and change of shape) of the objects, as they progressively fell apart. By creating hand drawn sketches i began to create a typeface that looked as though it was rotting/melting away. I used a traditional typeface, Times New Roman, that could be considered as quite boring and a font which has been around for a long time and then used it as a base font which i then made to look as though it was rotting and falling apart by refering back to my earlier sketches. Overall I aimed to create a typeface that represents the decay of an older, more traditional and perhaps overused typeface.
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Tue, 20th October, 6:17 PM 2009
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Mon, 9th November, 3:17 PM 2009
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CMunk Sun, 8th November, 2009

Very impressive. The greyscale coloration gives a great effect. 10/10

aphoria Sun, 8th November, 2009

Really cool technique and amazing results.

thalamic Sun, 8th November, 2009

Wow! Hope you got a 10 from your professor as well.

djnippa Sun, 8th November, 2009

Superb stuff, great concept and highly detailed with each character telling a different story. Top marks.

p2pnut Sun, 8th November, 2009

Oh boy! This is good ... it's more than good, it's great! At lower sizes it looks hand painted. A big 10 and much respect :)

blandsdf Sun, 8th November, 2009

Hey guys, thanks a lot for all your kind words. Much appreciated. any feed back on anything will not ignored. thank you!!

fontcollector Sun, 8th November, 2009

I especially like the worms! 10.

Frodo7 Sun, 8th November, 2009

TNR made of rotting organic material, feeding maggots. A bizarre, almost surreal concept with masterful execution. Fortunately, poor Stanley Morison passed away long before he could have witnessed the fate of his creation. :) 10/10

gferreira_admin Mon, 9th November, 2009

Fantastic work, very impressive technique.

carissaraptor Tue, 10th November, 2009

Wow, these are amazing! How did you get grayscale?

meek Tue, 27th April, 2010

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Decay of TNR” is now a Top Pick.

blandsdf Tue, 27th April, 2010

Wow thank you very much. I'm honored

EverEvolvingSoul Sun, 20th June, 2010

Wow! Very unique! I love the melting effect!

defefe Fri, 23rd July, 2010

I don't like the worms at all, they're too aliased and dark, they don't fit the rest of the font.

Noahvbro Tue, 11th February, 2014

Mitzuyan, z'dorovo, spoudaios, and those are all translations of AWESOME! 10/10 + fave!