Schengbers family shorter version.
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Thu, 8th November, 1:03 PM 2012
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Sat, 10th November, 2:46 AM 2012
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architaraz Thu, 8th November, 2012

elmoyenique Thu, 8th November, 2012

The font is "fonstructing" better now, but (imho) Z and S can be improved a bit too. I'm waaaaiting (mmmm) for these new glyphs! Go on, please!

Frodo7 Fri, 9th November, 2012

Remarkable display font taking advantage of the new "fin" bricks. I like the A,G,J.Y,f,y the most, but there are many more good glyphs. The z,Z: it looks as a horizontally flipped "s" . Schengbers lowercases had better solutions. Can you make it similar to number 2?The 0 (zero) doesn't feel natural, though I know your intention was to distinguish it from the letter O. The 7: it offers a good opportunity to use a diagonal stroke, similar what you already have in 2. Punctuation marks: they are very pretty. If possible, I would make the period and comma (.,) a bit smaller. The alternate characters are fantastic. The 5,2 may not fit this particular design, but could serve as starting point for another project. 10/10

architaraz Fri, 9th November, 2012

Many thanks for the suggestions.
I changed Z,z,7,dot. I couldn't come up with suitable comma for this new dot, but I'll try. Hopefully dot and comma are suitable for "Schengbers tall". Removed dot from zero as well.
As for the "S", it's possible to flip horizontally Z, make it rounder. If smth suitable appears, I'll add it as an alternative.

cablecomputer Fri, 9th November, 2012

Now it's waaay better :) Your skills in making typos increasing day by day... Keep up the good work! 10/10

By the way, beautiful "A"!

p2pnut Fri, 9th November, 2012

An Uppercase to match the beauty of the lower. 10/10

The comma does look a bit to big (compared with the stop)