Schengbers family taller version.
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Fri, 9th November, 12:08 PM 2012
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Sat, 10th November, 4:12 AM 2012
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architaraz Fri, 9th November, 2012

elmoyenique Fri, 9th November, 2012

Precious, this too!

architaraz Sat, 10th November, 2012

Thanks, elmoyenique.
But there's smth strange with this one, reagrding size. Look at the image below, at 48pt (or any other value) Schengbers hi's size is not like others. I used the same method like I did with three others, but it's still smaller...

architaraz Sat, 10th November, 2012

Goatmeal Sat, 10th November, 2012

@architaraz - I've had the same problem with a pixel font I've made and remade numerous times over the last few years: it's a simple "outline" font that is 2 pixels taller than the original "solid" font (10 pixels tall for "outline", 8 pixels tall for "solid"). However, as a TTF, the "outline" renders at 1/2 the size of the "solid" ?!?!? No trick I could come up with making and remaking the "outline" font would work so that the TTFs would be the same "size"... (:^\

Hopefully there will be a global "Height" marker similar to the width markers for the next major FontStruct update...

will.i.ૐ Sat, 10th November, 2012

@architaraz: The easiest way I have found to conform the global height of related fontstructions is to include in each one of them a single glyph containing both the highest- *and* lowest-placed bricks in the entire series. It can be somewhat tricky to determine the actual highest and lowest bricks when advanced filters are used.

Goatmeal Sat, 10th November, 2012

@will.i.ૐ - That is a very good tip, but I can say it didn't work in my case... (:^(

architaraz Mon, 12th November, 2012

Thanks for the reply! I'll just wait for that height update :)