Nova Thin Extended

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by laynecom


This one has been called Nova. That is simply due to the fact that the letters A, N, O, and V were the first that I tried out when starting this typeface.
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Fri, 31st August, 1:31 PM 2012
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Tue, 9th July, 1:25 PM 2013
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laynecom Fri, 14th September, 2012

laynecom Fri, 14th September, 2012

laynecom Fri, 14th September, 2012

beate Fri, 14th September, 2012

Yes !

Sehr schön.

Auf den ersten Blick:
Asterisk ist vielleicht ein bißchen zu zierlich?
Dem Bogen vom "t" und "l" würde ich vielleicht ein wenig mehr Spannung verleihen; ist vielleicht ein wenig zu ausschweifend ( wie auch der Oberschwung vom "a") Er nimmt etwas zu sehr Dynamik aus der sont gut fließenden Gestaltung. Die Ligaturen sind sehr fein. Ebenso das "ß" Alles in allem erinnert es mich schon ein wenig an meine db Sitcker-Serie — nur etwas breiter : )

Sehr gelungene Arbeit***

laynecom Fri, 14th September, 2012

Thanks beate. I’m answering in English because I guess most people wouldn’t understand German... I still appretiate your comment and suggestions, don’t get me wrong :-)

I made the characters deliberately wide (extended) but maybe you are right that the dynamics are better with narrower l and t. Especially when I look at the ala bit in one word.

Speaking of your Sticker series, I saw that you took down all of fonts except one. Is there a reason? Earning money with them after all ;-)

Thanks for the nice comment anyway...

djnippa Fri, 14th September, 2012

Like a SUPER-NOVA. 10/10.

Yautja Sat, 15th September, 2012

Beautifully clean quality work.

p2pnut Sat, 15th September, 2012

Wonderfully clear and readable. 10/10

cablecomputer Sun, 16th September, 2012

Oh wow, super clean artwork! I even don't believe this font was made using FontStruct... 10/10

meek Mon, 17th September, 2012

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Nova Thin Extended” is now a Top Pick.

four Mon, 17th September, 2012

Delicate and well balanced! 10/10

laynecom Tue, 18th September, 2012

Thanks for all the wonderful comments and the TP. Next up: Reworked l and t, adjusted kerning on T and (much later) Nova Light Extended.

laynecom Wed, 19th September, 2012

thalamic Thu, 20th September, 2012


aphoria Thu, 20th September, 2012


Upixel Fri, 21st September, 2012

remarkable work more than 10

laynecom Sat, 22nd September, 2012

Cheers, people. I really appretiate your positive feedback and voting.

elmoyenique Sat, 22nd September, 2012

Dear laynecom:I know that, I can't make a font like this, so soft, so sweet, and so strong and hard too under another point of view... and all so cool. I envy you.

laynecom Mon, 24th September, 2012

Dear elmoyenique, what can I say? For someone who has two fontstructions on the first page of the TP ranking, you are being modest... No need to envy me, because if you have a closer look I'm never as original as you are. I'm just copying what I see.

aemil Tue, 9th October, 2012

Clean as clean can be!
great job! 10/10

rizal14 Sat, 20th October, 2012

How with the "K" and "k"? I won't to try. Thank you.

minidonut Sat, 20th October, 2012

(after checking out every letter) MUST.. DOWNLOAD...

winty5 Sun, 11th November, 2012

WOW! That is way better than I will ever do! 10/10 It looks like what I think Helvetica Light Extended would look like.

laynecom Sun, 11th November, 2012

Thank you, I'm flattered...

will.i.ૐ Sun, 11th November, 2012

Virtually flawless. I like what Luc Devroye has to say about Nova Thin Extended: ”this hairline sans is a tour de force---it is the first successful hairline sans face ever made by anyone using FontStruct”. Ok, he probably got that last part wrong, but the first part is spot on! ;)

I go back and forth on the design of the capital S. It definitely works in context and holds up quite well at large sizes... But the horizontal spine still gives me pause. Would you consider a more sinuous, less squared design? Easier said than done, I know. Lastly, I think your w would benefit from widening.

All said: 10/10!

Frodo7 Mon, 12th November, 2012

Elegant hairline sans oozes quality. Clean and simple design. It must have taken huge amount of work, and great effort to accomplish it. Congratulations. 10/10

laynecom Mon, 12th November, 2012

Wow. Were did Mr Devroye say that? I'm speechless...

Concerning the S... I understand your concern. Must think about it. Since the extended variant requires a bit of width... Well, let me think about it.

Thanks for both your input!

will.i.ૐ Mon, 12th November, 2012

@laynecom: You can read Luc’s high praise for Nova Thin Extended on your page found within his extensive typography database. I hope my notes encourage you to take this one to 11! ;-)

laynecom Mon, 12th November, 2012

Wow, again! Didn't know that...

AUserThatWorks Tue, 19th March, 2013

I didn't like it dude.. I LOVE IT!!!! d simple

Reepicheep Thu, 28th March, 2013

Very clean and cool - I like this! In Latin, you know, noVUS means new. Close to nova - ?

laynecom Fri, 21st June, 2013

beate Fri, 21st June, 2013

Wow, what a beast! This is a real beauty.

laynecom Fri, 21st June, 2013

Thanks :-)

winty5 Fri, 21st June, 2013

Elegant new S!

four Mon, 24th June, 2013

Nice work on that S, now even better than before.

laynecom Wed, 10th July, 2013

qotjd9881 Sun, 4th May, 2014


Upsilon920 Mon, 11th August, 2014

I love this font, but I don't like the "Extended" feature of it. Can you make a similar copy with it not extended? It's great otherwise, and I'd probably use it.

j4s13 Tue, 12th August, 2014

It took 11 months roughly to do this font. It would have to be basically redone so I'm not so sure.

laynecom Tue, 12th August, 2014

I'm not gonna do this again, for sure... ;-)

At first, this was planned as family, but I soon realized that this was too ambitious. A Nova Thin would not be created by simply leaving out bits here and there. As j4s13 said, it would have to be redone. Sorry, but I don't have the time for that.

Anyway, the great reception of this typeface is awesome for me. Thanks everybody.