Pamela Sue Designed by Erica Frendach • Typography I • Spring 2012 My typeface’s concept was very fun and kind of old school looking. Also, I didn’t want something crazy and hard to look at. I liked the simplicity and I think because it’s so simple, it makes it more usable to people. I used all circles and then enlarged them until I got a size that I thought looked nice so you could understand each and every letter. Some letters looked good when enlarged and some looked bad so I just played around with the size until I found one that made all of the letters look good. The title is my older sister’s name, which is very relevant to the typeface because she has a very ‘bubbly’ personality.
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Wed, 8th February, 5:22 PM 2012
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Wed, 15th February, 4:31 PM 2012
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