This is a complete set of rounded block-letter glyphs - name is Latin for "Rock Round." Random, huh? The capital letters are 3 by 4 blocks, lowercase are varied, depending on whether or not a part of it goes over the bottom line, or if it is a tall letter, etc. It was kind of hard to find all the correct bricks to build it, so it is not that good. But I like it, so I hope you do to :D It is also my first Fontstruction :) No Filters, no composite bricks, just stacks! BTW, I also added some little character-thingies like people and flowers and other stuff in the Extended Latin 1 set. Explore for yourself!
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Fri, 1st April, 3:03 AM 2011
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Fri, 10th February, 4:10 AM 2012
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