A floral font based on Sturt's Desert Pea.
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Thu, 9th September, 3:36 PM 2010
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Tue, 14th September, 12:46 PM 2010
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fontcollector Thu, 9th September, 2010

I really like this completely original font you've created! 10/10.

You must be an Aussie. When I visited that marvelous country a few years ago, I learned about the beloved Sturt's Desert Pea, which I believe is their national flower. Red is my favorite color, so I liked it immediately.

I have one suggestion: what about a bit more differentiation between Q and R? Perhaps R's right leg could resemble the lower right portion of E. What do you think?

funk_king Fri, 10th September, 2010

when i saw this yesterday, it reminded me of the series i am working on now. i think this is beautiful, but a little problematic. this is a very stylish decorative font, but perhaps you could refine it some to make it a little more legible. the T is the major issue here, which reads like Y. i think if you raise the middle section, it would read less Y and more T - it may be worth a try just to see how it looks. i would also take a look at the R and give it the top part of the B. also with the H you left out the middle bean to differentiate from the X; i would use the X for the H (for overall consistency) and change the X by using the right-side element of the E and copy and flip it for the left-side. i would also leave out the bottom-left leg of the Y as is or either use the current T for the Y glyph. just some ideas, but this is a very appealing font.

nazlfrag Tue, 14th September, 2010

Thanks fontcollector, you guessed it, I was born in Adelaide and this is South Australias floral emblem. The real flower is much nicer, this is a highly stylised version.

Thanks heaps for the suggestions funk king, I didn't want to release it with the 'T' the way it is but couldn't work out a solution. The H came from when I experimented with a majority having 2-wide glyphs, it does clash with the X and will implement your suggestion. Makes me want to put the I back to three wide. The 'Q' I relied on context for differentation, but I'll see what I can do. I'm still stuck on the 'T' though, any help is appreciated.