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by saberrider


something i've been working on recently. i'm still looking for a solution to virtually increase my screen resolution, so i would have more grid space. i don't know if the line strength is consistent and i propably won't start with the capital letters until then. anyway i thought i might as well throw this in to see what you guys think about it so far.
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Sun, 24th January, 9:25 PM 2010
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Thu, 18th February, 1:25 AM 2010
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saberrider Thu, 18th February, 2010

thalamic Thu, 18th February, 2010

Gorgeous. The slight bulge of the characters is very appealing as are some of the connections such as in 'd'.

djnippa Thu, 18th February, 2010

Schweet. All looks great to me.
Go on - do the rest, you know you'll feel complete. :-)
I may have to release my dot version that I've been sitting on since July 09.

aphoria Thu, 18th February, 2010

Wow...this is awesome saberrider. Please keep going.

margaretnicholdesign Thu, 18th February, 2010

Wow! that's really nice! As others have said I love the soft "bulge" of the letters. Makes it look like it's not even modular!

p2pnut Thu, 18th February, 2010

The first word that came to mind was 'Gorgeous' ... then I saw that thalamic had said the same - so that's official, it's gorgeous :)

gferreira Fri, 19th February, 2010


afrojet Mon, 22nd February, 2010

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “puncture” is now a Top Pick.

igorrossi Mon, 22nd February, 2010

Definitely perfect. I'm jealous...

reus Mon, 22nd February, 2010

Wow, nice!

funk_king Tue, 23rd February, 2010

very nice. love your use of the large grid. fearless and empowering. uc would be nice, but i sure everyone would settle for a little punctuation :)

saberrider Tue, 23rd February, 2010

thank you for all your comments. i will finish this fontstruction but since i'm kinda busy right now it might take some time until i can get to it again. punctuation is the first thing on my todo list.

Frodo7 Tue, 23rd February, 2010

It's simply gorgeous. 10/10

FS Pattern Team
FS Pattern Team Wed, 24th February, 2010

top of the pops

jmarquez Wed, 24th February, 2010

^^ Great One!

CaptianOlimar Wed, 24th February, 2010

Wow. You have skills. Skills, I tell you. You have been rated by olimar, 8 stars,

honigtiger Sat, 27th February, 2010

Beautiful work, keep it on!

SimonRobertson Mon, 8th March, 2010

fantastic. love it! it would be awesome if a solid version were possible with FontStruct.

geneus1 Sat, 20th March, 2010

A beauty, saber. If you wanted to get the most grid space, your best bet is to use the double sized filters in conjunction with the 4 quarter circles to create one dot. This densely packs each circle's placement on the grid, since each dot would cover a 4x4 grid area. But I think you knew that. I can't immediately tell by looking at the font preview.

wraybowling Fri, 2nd July, 2010

It's so juicy! I love it! Please add some more characters! :D

Humanoidism Sun, 30th January, 2011

Really, really nice font but I will love you even more, if you made it filled (like a normal font), if it is possible for you. Keep on with making fonts.

^.^ Fri, 22nd April, 2011

There's a stray dot on the bottom right of the lowercase g. Marvelous font, though! 10/10

Thirdlounger Fri, 17th February, 2012

Smashing Work. 11/10

yokubo Thu, 22nd November, 2012

Great Font. Another stray dot on the y too. See g y q p j just in case.