Space Movie

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by CMunk
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Tue, 13th October, 4:59 PM 2009
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Thu, 22nd October, 9:57 AM 2009
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Frodo7 Tue, 20th October, 2009

Simple, yet powerful design. Impressive character set. Clever use of filters. The Greek letters are beautiful. The Cyrillic one likewise. And I very much like the ogonek. One little critique, if permitted on the punctuation and diacritical marks: they are fine in general. I like the acute and grave, but I think the comma, quotation marks do not fit to this robust design. They should be a bit more simple and blocky. Just a thought. 10/10

gferreira_admin Thu, 22nd October, 2009

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Space Movie” is now a Top Pick.

CMunk Thu, 22nd October, 2009

Wow, another top pick.

@ Frodo, I kind of see where you are going with the punctuation. But I think I'm going with them anyway.

wraybowling Wed, 25th November, 2009

I like this typeface because it knows its place, and doesn't try too hard to be anything that it isn't.

I like this typeface because it knows its place, and doesn't try too hard to be anything that it isn't.

will.i.ૐ Fri, 4th December, 2009

Hey CMunk, Space Movie is rocking out over on Instant Shift’s newFresh Free Fonts page. Nice! :)

CMunk Fri, 4th December, 2009

Thanks, will.i.ૐ. I'm surprized how popular this is. It seems it is its simplicity that appeals to people. I love how fontstructions are finding their way to the "outside".