This font is for those who want to have a little privacy or to send 'secret' messages to the loved ones... One can also be a good spy using this font but beware and do not share secret things as this font might very easily be understood! Have fun and give me a rating or comments telling me your ideas on how you want this font improved and for what characters. You can use the Windows Character Map for guidance. :)
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Sat, 5th September, 8:11 PM 2009
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Sun, 6th September, 2:48 PM 2009
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PhoenixBird Mon, 5th April, 2010

I like this font very much. My rating was 5 stars. I don't know why the average is 6,5.

igorrossi Mon, 5th April, 2010

@PhoenixBird: The answer is here.

PhoenixBird Mon, 5th April, 2010

Thank you for your quick reply, igorrosi! Though, I am still puzzled. I was the first one that rated this font, and so far I am the only one. And, as said, the rating was 5 stars, the ONLY rating for this font, though the balanced rating is 6.5.
P.S. I've read attentively the article you suggested to me.

aphoria Mon, 5th April, 2010

@PhoenixBird That is goal of the balanced rating system. It lessens the effect of really low votes and really high votes.

I agree, it is confusing at first.