Queen Mab

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by bent hamm
see also Queen Mab Small Caps by bent hamm, and Queen Mab CE by estrella1974


Taking advantage of the advanced ratio controls, this is a slightly more open serif typeface. This is one step closer to my goal of making a legible text face in FontStruct. Oldstyle figures.
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Thu, 3rd April, 2:26 AM 2008
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Mon, 22nd June, 9:03 PM 2009
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Kottis Sun, 6th April, 2008

It's brilliant, i like it a lot! But why did you go with lowercase forms on the uppercase M and N? Also, the ring on “å” is a bit too big.

bent hamm
bent hamm Sun, 6th April, 2008

Thanks! It took some playing around but I finally managed to get a more uppercase form for M and N. I'm still fond of the the err... unicase versions so I threw them in before the f-ligatures. Bear with me, it's a work in progress.

I'm totally digging the crit, by the way, keep 'em coming.

Kottis Sun, 6th April, 2008

I tried setting some text and played around a bit, it works really well. It's got surprisingly even color considering the limitations, and it's definitively legible. Keep up the good work!

Stewf Tue, 8th April, 2008

You should enter this in this week's Type Battle on Typophile!

grant Wed, 9th April, 2008

Man...This is cool. An instant classic !

Roger S. Nelsson
Roger S. Nelsson Thu, 10th April, 2008

An original and working serif design - AND a large character set! A perfect 10 :)

bent hamm
bent hamm Sat, 12th April, 2008

You guys are gonna make me blush.

kagnie Sun, 13th April, 2008

So cool that you named this font creation "Queen Mab"!! I actually recognized the reference - stumbled on it while re-reading Shakespeare last week! What inspired the naming convention? Nice job, btw!

bent hamm
bent hamm Sun, 13th April, 2008

Oh it's probably my favorite passage from R&J. Since it's about a tiny fairy queen, I thought it applied well to the tiny pixel-based nature of this fontstruction.

meek Mon, 14th April, 2008

A great FontStruction, and indeed the most aptly and evocatively named.

kagnie Sat, 26th April, 2008

R&J (Romeo and Juliet) - exactly :) I agree with Meek... great naming convention!

FrozenSerif Wed, 17th September, 2008

This is the single greatest FontStruction and maybe one of the best typefaces anywhere I have ever seen.