See ⊥he la⊥es⊥ version here: According to audio waves and curves principles, open letters and numbers, most are only one line pen writeable per character, with no strokes, and under-based "⊥" is submi⊥⊥ed unders⊥ood, no cu⊥⊥ing s⊥rokes, no s⊥ucked do⊥s above i and j, s⊥ucked accen⊥s, all unlocked. ⊥hese glyphs represen⊥s wha⊥ ⊥he ears are lis⊥ening ⊥o (hearing ⊥ympan and nerves impulses as profile view), and are no⊥ any drawings for your eyes.
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Wed, 7th January, 5:03 PM 2009
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Pryde Wed, 26th January, 2011

I have no idea why this isn't rated higher. It's a beautiful font, very readable, and damn is it vast.

ouaouaron Wed, 26th January, 2011

⊥hank you, Pryde. I'm working now wi⊥h Fon⊥Forge a X11 sof⊥ware. ⊥here is a lo⊥ more possibili⊥ies now. (65,000 charac⊥ers) On Dafon⊥.com I have a download coun⊥ ⊥here: ⊥oday: 6,498 downloads!
I also have an OpenFon⊥ accoun⊥ ⊥here ⊥oo.

3killgor3 Fri, 25th March, 2011

Great font! Should be TP in my mind

ouaouaron Sat, 26th March, 2011

Pryde and 3killgor3, ⊥hou are my good friends now. Please, use ⊥hem en⊥irely and widely. Alas I'm poor now. If you wish ⊥o make a sligh⊥ dona⊥ion, use my PayPal address:

3killgor3 Thu, 31st March, 2011

Sorry dude......can't....still great font!

ouaouaron Sat, 2nd April, 2011

I will change my PayPal email adress. ⊥hanks.

ouaouaron Sat, 2nd April, 2011

Okay, ⊥he new PayPal address is:

Umbreon126 Sat, 8th December, 2012

uhhh bro the bar on indian isn't on the bottom
good effort but many of these are unreadable, and others carry the serifs from the fontstructor. and the weight varies a lot... oh and the ascenders and descewnders vary a lot and why does the lien the letters rest on keep changing
but that korean is beautiful :o
on the other hand hiragana, katakana, and bopomofo... not exactly readable ^^;;
still impressive though :)

ouaouaron Sat, 8th December, 2012

I'm very glad ⊥o ge⊥ reason of ⊥he difficul⊥ies in wich you found. Please con⊥ac⊥
for ⊥he la⊥es⊥ version of my VEGESIGNES and come back ⊥o me!

winty5 Sun, 20th January, 2013

This is a great font! Very nice character set.

Aeolien Sun, 20th January, 2013

Useful all-rounder font. I love all those accented letters ;) Apart from belonging to different languages I find a lot of the accented letters delightful for decoration of texts and as dividers etc. 10/10 d'une Lavalloise :D