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King Worm

 by seannichols94
King Worm
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Last edit: 25.06.2012
Category: Monospaced
7 downloads7%20downloads780 glyphs80%20glyphs80A favorite of 1 userA%20favorite%20of%201%20user1A font created for a retro style platformer I made.A%20font%20created%20for%20a%20retro%20style%20platformer%20I%20made.

BE 603 inspired

 by noreplys
This FontStruction was selected by FontStruct staff.This%20FontStruction%20was%20selected%20by%20FontStruct%20staff.  
BE 603 inspired
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7.9Balanced%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22weighted_value%22%3E7.9%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EAverage%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22rating_value%22%3E8.3%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EClick%20for%20more%20information%20about%20this%20rating. 7 votes
Last edit: 22.10.2010
Category: -
21 downloads21%20downloads212 comments2%20comments273 glyphs73%20glyphs73A favorite of 6 usersA%20favorite%20of%206%20users6just thought about floating and reduced type...

NCD Snake Rebel (PayPal $4

 by djnippa
This FontStruction was selected by FontStruct staff.This%20FontStruction%20was%20selected%20by%20FontStruct%20staff.  
NCD Snake Rebel (PayPal $4
  • Currently 7.42012
7.4Balanced%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22weighted_value%22%3E7.4%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EAverage%20Rating%3A%20%3Cb%20class%3D%22rating_value%22%3E7.4%3C%2Fb%3E%3Cbr%2F%3EClick%20for%20more%20information%20about%20this%20rating. 23 votes
222 downloads222%20downloads22211 comments11%20comments11209 glyphs209%20glyphs209A favorite of 10 usersA%20favorite%20of%2010%20users10If you want the FULL version, along with EUROPEAN characters please PAYPAL $4 to stating which font you require.

Clone of NCD Snake - which is based on the classic mobile game Snake. This font breaks a lot more rules to complete the set. Hence the name Rebel. All other test glyphs are included so you can make your own version. Enjoy.

I'd love to see any work designed with it.

Zapfino® Extra Std One

Zapfino® Extra Std One
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