Very creepy, I know. It is merely made of rotated hexagons. Not much to it.
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Tue, 28th June, 11:54 PM 2011
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Mon, 18th July, 4:45 PM 2011
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will.i.ૐ Wed, 29th June, 2011

It’s got a very urban-industrial grit to it. The variable-width gaps in the stencil add to the distressed effect. An impressive effect considering the design restrictions you choose! Is a lower case possible? 9/10

Frodo7 Tue, 5th July, 2011

Oops! A trendy new stencil face. Nice text effect (sort of grunge?) made by innovative use of simple hexagonal bricks. I hope you complete the set and provide a stunning demo pic. 10/10

xenophilius Thu, 7th July, 2011

Thank you for your generous compliments! Yes, I am planning on making lowercase and more letters. And a demo pic, per Frodo's suggestion. But I only use Word and Paint for the pics, so I'm not sure it will be brilliant.

crispycraker Fri, 8th July, 2011

I like this. Its simple, yet extravagant in it own little way. Awesome job! 10/10

P.S.: Paint is actually pretty great to work with if you know what you're doing lol.

intaglio Fri, 8th July, 2011

Wow, what a fantastic idea. Who'd have thought such a simple choice of bricks would yield such a sophisticated result.

xenophilius Sat, 9th July, 2011

@crispy: Thanks! Yeah, it is a good program, isn't it?

@intaglio: How can you remain so humble when you yourself have made such excellent fonts, far surpassing this creation? Thank you for the compliment.

p2pnut Sat, 9th July, 2011

Nice work ... a straightforward ideas well executed.

I noticed your comments about Paint and wondered whether the following might be of use: http: //

xenophilius Wed, 20th July, 2011

Thank you, pnut! Thanks for the resources; they may one day come to use when I get serious about font design and image samples. But for now, although I appreciate the resources, I will remain old-fashioned and use Paint and Word.

Again, I do appreciate your input and suggestion. I don't doubt they will one day come to use.

architaraz Wed, 29th February, 2012

Reminds me of Elmoyenique's (eYe/FS) fontstructions )