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by afrojet
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Thunderball FAQ:

Q: What's with the name?
A: At some point over the holidays, the movie Thunderball was on and I got to thinking about jet packs, Aston Martins, archenemies, Blofeld, SPECTRE and whether Miami is really worth 100 Million in diamonds or if it might have been better just to keep the diamonds instead of trying to save Miami. I mean, at the time of the movie, Miami hadn't even discovered cocaine yet and really wasn't on the map. If I were Blofeld, I would have picked an entirely different city to hold a bomb threat over. It was the sixties after all, take out San Francisco. Incidentally, at one point in the movie Bond finds himself in the Bahamas in the middle of a junkanoo, which is a kind of street fair where folks wear insanely colorful costumes (mostly of feathers) and dance around. Junkanoo! Now that would make a great name for a font. Much better than Thunderball. Is it too late to change the name?

Q: Your recent output - including this clodhopper - seems to be stuck on the 1.8 brick size filter, is your filter toggle stuck or something?
A: Your Mom's filter toggle is stuck, buddy! And my next font will be called Clodhopper, and it will be yet another font built at 1.8 and it's going to be big and thick so you'll really feel it when I beat on your skull with it.

Q: Whoa! Touchy. Ok, how about that uppercase 'T', it's awfully funny looking, you gonna change it?
A: Oh Boy. You just don't know when to quit, do you? The 'T' began as a spacing compromise but over the last few days it has grown on me - overtaken me really - like some saccharine soaked pop song that I hate but secretly love. So back off on the 'T', it's not going anywhere.

Q: Any last thoughts?
A: Blofeld, Junkanoo, Clodhopper - all rad names for fonts that have yet to be born. Q.E.D.
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Mon, 29th December, 1:34 PM 2008
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Mon, 22nd June, 9:06 PM 2009
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afrojet Fri, 16th January, 2009

Stewf Fri, 16th January, 2009

Fantastic. How about an alt 'T' for all us dopes who can't appreciate its charm?

saberrider Fri, 16th January, 2009

really like the sample.
also nice solutions for V and W.

Em42 Fri, 16th January, 2009


(and the sample as usual is superb!)

afrojet Fri, 16th January, 2009

@CharmlessDopes473: Alright. Ok. I will bend. Two versions of an alt 'T' have been add, an anorexic one and a bloated one. Unless I've overlooked something obvious (which is entirely possible), I think that's as good as it gets.

aphoria Fri, 16th January, 2009

Great font. Awesome sample.

funk_king Fri, 16th January, 2009


thalamic Fri, 16th January, 2009

I think the unmodified T is charming and full of personality. Totally titillating.

intaglio Fri, 16th January, 2009

I can see why you're hooked on the 1.8 scheme -- the way the circle brick overlaps the joins is nothing short of miraculous. I'm glad you didn't abort the t before we all got to look at it; there's nothing wrong with it. In fact it just adds charm to a design that's already bristling with niceties.

Can niceties be said to bristle? In the world of Mr Bond, indeed they can.

jmarquez Sat, 17th January, 2009

very nice one.
by the way keep the t as it is!

afrojet Sat, 17th January, 2009

Thanks everyone for the bristling comments filled with titillating niceties. Although, I've enjoyed my time hanging out in the 1.8, I'm going to take my leave now and adventure out to undiscovered lands. Maybe I'll try 1.4 or .73 or maybe even zero, (shudder).

Sketchbook B
Sketchbook B Tue, 16th June, 2009

I love the effects you get with the 1.8 brick size. Nice work. Great sample.

Norule Tue, 4th August, 2009

Great font. I like it. Thanks

shasta Sun, 19th December, 2010

Just stumbled upon this. Congrats afrojet, this is definitely one of the more glamourous font lists to turn up on... ;)