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by Magic Sam


Don´t trust the preview, take a look at the Example! Dedicated to the marvellous DJ Shadow. This is another contemporary Display-Font I created using the Brick-Size-Filters (adjusted at 1.75). It´s not a 3D-Font, or a puzzle or a construction plan, but I think it´s a very consistent typeface:-) Hope you like it, please write a comment if you have any suggestions. More letters to come.
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Mon, 3rd August, 10:01 PM 2009
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Fri, 2nd October, 2:27 PM 2009
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Magic Sam
Magic Sam Sat, 8th August, 2009

shasta Sat, 8th August, 2009

Cool! B looks a bit weird to me though... But it's probably the only consistent solution with the 1.75 filter.
And non-3D, non-puzzle and non-construction-plan fonts are still very welcome! They're much more usable in the end... I have to tell myself this over and over again when I'm starting to feel uncreative and unimaginative when working on a "standard" fontstruction. :P

Magic Sam
Magic Sam Sat, 8th August, 2009

Thanks a million, Shasta!

djnippa Sat, 8th August, 2009

@ Sam Nice usability.
@ SHASTA. Ha Ha, I can relate.

Frodo7 Sat, 8th August, 2009

Very nice. Smart use of the filter.

@shasta: You can't be serious after releasing Punched Out and Escheresk.

Magic Sam
Magic Sam Sun, 9th August, 2009

Thank you, mates :-)

funk_king Sun, 9th August, 2009

nice thick font with lots of character and energy. i admire you guys who work with these in-between filter settings - especially when the results look so smooth. sample is very nice too. never fear - the pendulum will swing back the other way or in some other direction and the current craze will be for something else :)

SquarePeg Sun, 9th August, 2009

Great job, Sam! 10 points.

gferreira_admin Wed, 12th August, 2009

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Shadow” is now a Top Pick.

geneus1 Thu, 13th August, 2009

Good clean work on the 1.75 scale. It's always good to put in a sample to show off its true colors. Props to DJ Shadow too.