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The FontStruct staff say: One of the clearest faces to appear on FontStruct yet. It pushed us to create a "Sans Serif" category for the Gallery.The%20FontStruct%20staff%20say%3A%20%3Cem%3E%3Cp%3EOne%20of%20the%20clearest%20faces%20to%20appear%20on%20FontStruct%20yet.%20It%20pushed%20us%20to%20create%20a%20%26quot%3BSans%20Serif%26quot%3B%20category%20for%20the%20Gallery.%3C%2Fp%3E%3C%2Fem%3E

by iacute
see also alerodgar by alerodgar, and CrossED by IamDino, and FF. Border Lined by --HaveASnack--, and A Gentlemans Game by InvisibleImp, and Lemme Pound Your BassDrum by gobber900, and WHITE LINES by stigma


Updated in October 2009 with better spacing and making use of new bricks, as well as support for Turkish.
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Wed, 2nd April, 3:15 AM 2008
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Sun, 4th September, 5:04 PM 2011
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Ivo Wed, 2nd April, 2008

It was worth the vacation, iacute ;)
Great font and an amazing character set.

Stewf Thu, 3rd April, 2008

One of the cleanest faces to appear on FontStruct yet. Original at large sizes, clear at pixel size. This font pushed me to create a "Sans Serif" category for the Gallery.

pamka Thu, 17th April, 2008

Great job. When you see the "B" you can see the entire job and originality of this one. Well done

Handfratze Fri, 6th March, 2009

Nice and easy readable one!

But one thing confuses me...

Although it's a bold font, after downloading and installing its associated as a regular one. Do you (or anybody else) know how to create a real bold one? Is this possible at all, using fontstruct?

kix Fri, 6th March, 2009

maybe you need to fontstruct one :/

meek Sat, 7th March, 2009

You can't create a font with a real Bold style with FontStruct at the moment. We may well add this feature later though. The main issue to deal with is (surprise, surprise) that Windows and Macs deal with font styles differently.

SuiteDesign Mon, 25th October, 2010

Nice work, have been looking for a font like this which has both numbers and a colon!

msodrew Thu, 4th November, 2010

excellent style