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by Em42
cloned from Legorama Everywhere by Em42
see also Legorama Everywhere Fill by Em42


FontStruct bricks used to build a font set made of LEGO bricks.

Note that "_" can be used to add a blank space six units large, and "^" can be used to add a blank space one unit large.

Use Legorama Fill to add a perfectly matching color to the text letters.

See the font in use here.
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Sat, 13th September, 1:12 AM 2008
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Thu, 24th November, 11:31 AM 2011
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Em42 Wed, 17th September, 2008

Em42 Wed, 17th September, 2008

geneus1 Wed, 17th September, 2008

So that's how I could have done this! Well thought out, Em! Great functionality. Large character set. But I would have gone nuts stacking 192 characters.

Em42 Wed, 17th September, 2008

Gene, thanks!
I just noticed the LegoManiax font you just shared (check my comment), and it's interesting to notice how we tried to achieve the same result with a different approach.

In my case there no brick stacking, only some brick overlapping that is possible when using a doubled brick size.

afrojet Wed, 17th September, 2008

Good stuff. The blue and gray sample reminds me of those sheets of candy cake letters that one can buy in the bakery aisle at the local supermarket.

guentersen Wed, 17th September, 2008

A Masterpiece!


Axel Leyer
Axel Leyer Wed, 17th September, 2008

Absolutely gorgeous!
I´m back to my childhood when iI was playing with lego...welll..I´m still playing with fontstruct :)

SquarePeg Thu, 18th September, 2008

Great work, Em42! Beautiful samples, too!

saberrider Fri, 19th September, 2008

I wish I had some Lego left to rebuild this awesome font and to take pictures of it.

Em42 Sat, 20th September, 2008

Thanks for your comments!
I'm glad this set has been so well-received: it required some work to complete the four sets dealing with all those LEGO brick studs.

@Afrojet and SquarePegs: I tried to stick to the standard LEGO colors at the beginning, but then I preferred using different hues to make the sample look more typographic and less toyish.

@Axel and Saberrider: as I said elsewhere, I suspected I was not the only one in the FontStruct community that played a lot with LEGO bricks during childhood. :)

thalamic Sat, 20th September, 2008

This is like...I don't even know. Words fail me.

Just awesome^awesome! :)

Em42 Tue, 23rd September, 2008

Thanks Thalamic, you are too kind!

BTW, as concerning a discussion we had somewhere else: did you notice that the 1-raters stroke here as well? ...and three times in a row! :)

thalamic Tue, 23rd September, 2008

I noticed, I noticed! I don't let it bother me anymore. But it is a shame all the same.

"The world is a vampire, sent to drain
Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames
And what do I get, for my pain?
Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game"
---Bullet With Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins

Catzia Mon, 22nd December, 2008

Thank you. This is a great font for Scrapbooking. I like it.

nikesteam Mon, 22nd December, 2008

This font is so fucking beautiful! Thank you so much!

Em42 Tue, 23rd December, 2008

You're welcome! I would love to see your work if you use it.

Michi10 Wed, 3rd June, 2009

its impossible to something like this very very nice

eing6888 Mon, 22nd June, 2009

Thank You a lot sir :))

maebe Thu, 2nd July, 2009

I really like the font but how do you use the fill?

Em42 Thu, 2nd July, 2009

@maebe: set your text in Legorama Fill, choose the color, then copy and paste the text object/layer on top and set it to Legorama with a darker color. That's it! :)

north Wed, 9th September, 2009

sensational work. Must have taken AGES!

Em42 Wed, 9th September, 2009

Thanks North!

Not really ages, as the design is strongly modular, but at least a week! :)

Em42 Tue, 28th September, 2010

Em42 Tue, 28th September, 2010

Found on the Web: it's a LEGO party sign for a four-years-old child birthday party.

Very clever parents indeed! :)

Upixel Tue, 28th September, 2010

Very charming this passion for lego. I'm pretty sure your font is his favorite ;)

hintatcurve Wed, 3rd November, 2010

Amazing, I think you are a genius!

winty5 Fri, 9th November, 2012

Awesomely creative! 10/10 and well deserved.

EthanN Sun, 13th January, 2013

How do you merge the 2 fonts (Legorama and Legorama fill) to get the colorful Lego letters shown above? Please help!

winty5 Sun, 13th January, 2013

@EthanN:set your text in Legorama Fill, choose the color, then copy and paste the text object/layer on top and set it to Legorama with a darker color.

elitrevi Sun, 1st September, 2013

Love it! Thanks so much!

dotdotziggydot Fri, 11th April, 9:33 PM

Why cant I get this to work on WORD

SymbioticDesign Sat, 12th April, 7:37 AM

I have a problem with most fonts that aren't saved using the unicode letter sets. I'm not sure that this is the problem, it's just an observation.

WOW, I like! Nice job. definitely a worthy font.