Gaga Stencil

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by afrojet
see also Gaga Regular by afrojet


Experimenting with reverse glyph building (knockouts) to create a modular monoline font with more fluid, rounded shapes. A work in progress. I would appreciate any and all feedback, suggestions, etc.
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Tue, 23rd June, 7:44 PM 2009
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Mon, 29th June, 1:40 PM 2009
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afrojet Wed, 24th June, 2009

afrojet Wed, 24th June, 2009

Axel Leyer
Axel Leyer Wed, 24th June, 2009

Oh man! this is lovely, the way you 'cut' the glyphs is outstanding, very creative and strong personality trough the hole font. Love it! :-)

djnippa Wed, 24th June, 2009

I really love this. Great Q,B,R,a,e,
Unsure of the X though, not keen on the way it touches, maybe something similar to K might work better.

djnippa Thu, 25th June, 2009

For example. I think version 3 balances better with the other characters.

For example. I think version 3 balances better with the other characters.

afrojet Thu, 25th June, 2009

Nippa! That's wonderful. You've effectively taken the black sheep of the family - the failing pupil - and turned him into an honor student and someone I'd be proud to show around the court. Well done. Big thanks for lending your keen eyes to this project.

gferreira_admin Mon, 29th June, 2009

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Gaga Stencil” is now a Top Pick.

chr.s Sat, 4th July, 2009

Just came across this one... I was actually working on something similar - albeit a lot less useable. Very nice work. I think there's a lot to be explored using the shapes inversely.

Back to the drawing board...

nazlfrag Tue, 14th September, 2010

This looks great, the breaks balance really nicely, the parting in the 'B' and 'K's are great and the 'Q' works very well too. I personally like the first 'X' and 'x', I think the break is placed just right, though the current ones are nice too. Perhaps time to make the positive version with the new bricks avaliable.