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by geneus1


It's the official release day for the highly anticipated Halo:Reach video game on the XBox360! A great excuse to build a Halo related fontstruction. This one was inspired by two Halo 3 multi-player game maps featuring Spartan related technology: Citadel and Guardian. The patterned techno-motif textures on the architecture in these maps are impressively adorned everywhere. It's hard not to be inspired. The design just came about after messing around with some shapes yesterday. The alternates in the lowercase are actually the first iteration of the design, updates are in the uppercase. Dedicated to my son who introduced me to the amazing Halo universe and encourages my love-hate relationship with the XBox360. He kills me. It's what he does. GFX sources: Hubble Space photos- Hubble got you, Bullet hole brushes.
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Tue, 14th September, 6:51 AM 2010
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Wed, 15th September, 12:00 AM 2010
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geneus1 Wed, 15th September, 2010

djnippa Wed, 15th September, 2010

Very cool, each letter looks like a space ship in itself.

Upixel Wed, 15th September, 2010

Superbe work! agree with DjNippa about the spaceship look

meek Wed, 15th September, 2010

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “SpartanTech” is now a Top Pick.

Tylo Wed, 15th September, 2010

Well deserved top pick for an awesome design! Cool 3d sample!

Abneurone Fluid Types
Abneurone Fluid Types Wed, 15th September, 2010

I won't comment on the TP, so unfair and unjustified so many times that for me it has no more credit now, but this work is really marvellous, outstanding, it's so good to see my favorite Geneus 1 coming back after his interminable and so boring journey on the Helvetica Planet, and with such a beautiful and well crafted spaceship ! Welcome home, Gene :0)

Abneurone Fluid Types
Abneurone Fluid Types Wed, 15th September, 2010

Just saw you didn't put a "z" on your alternate "lowercase" set, is it voluntary ? The reversed "s" of the "UC" could work as well.

Neoqueto Wed, 15th September, 2010

Please, DO NOT associate it with Optimus Prime. Please. SpartanTech is impossible. It's just impossible to create. I don't know how you did it. It spreads out a steely feel, I LOVE IT. FEATURED, PLEASE!!! Sample from Xara, or real 3D software?


Thanks for the link to Hubble telescope photos.

aphoria Wed, 15th September, 2010

Amazing work gene!

naveenchandru Wed, 15th September, 2010

Great work!
Great sample!

afrojet Wed, 15th September, 2010

I could sit and stare at this all day, Gene. Wonderful stuff.

elmoyenique Wed, 15th September, 2010

But it's true, You do it again! Exemplary work, master geneus 1! If I admire you and the FS is for know all this kind of magical fonts! (And suddenly learn, of course).

thalamic Wed, 15th September, 2010

What an intricate and refreshing beauty. Each letter deserves a study of its own. Reminds me of the spaceships from Sanxion, which, in my book, is an entirely good thing. :-)

funk_king Wed, 15th September, 2010

another masterwork. amazing detail and an intriguing mash-up of sci-fi, hip-hop, ancient and future. this is where Fontstruct and you excel. could anyone really create something like this in a "real" font editor? well, the real question is: could anybody else create this wonder anywhere? period. nobody except you, geneus. congrats.

geneus1 Thu, 16th September, 2010

Thank you all for the warm reception of the starship SpartanTech on its maiden voyage. We know your options for intergalactic space travel are many, and we thank you for flying SpartanTech spacelines. Current space weather for this flight calls for light meteor showers so we expect slight turbulence. In the event of a space collision in zero gravity, you may be used as a flotation device. Our destination is the Helvetica Planet with a stop-over at Planet Blackletter.

@meek: A quick top pick is always appreciated.

@neurone error: There's gold on the Helvetica Planet. To exclude yourself from visitation is akin to bypassing the wealth of treasures I have already acquired in fontology in regards to proportion, balance, scale, spacing, consistency, and optical compensation. Realize this design wouldn't be possible without going there. Don't even get me started on what can be gained at Planet Blackletter! ;-) To connote such negative judgments to exploratory discovery is to inhibit your own development, IMHO. Freeing yourself from all forms of judgment enables clarity of vision.

And yes, the 'z' was intentionally left out for the sample text to display only the upper case letters. Anyway, it was identical to the capital 'Z.'

@Neoqueto: Haha! Okay, I won't, but now that you mention it, I do see an influential resemblance. It is ironic that you say SpartanTech is impossible because this design was the least planned out of all of my latest releases. Not a single glyph was sketched out beforehand, and the design process was almost on auto-pilot after initially creating the large blocks that appear on the sample. In comparison to Requiemme Decorum which evolved over months of revisions, this one was done in only a few hours. The 3D was done on a low end titling package similar to Xara and all visual components were public domain in the sample, which also came about rather easily. In terms of brick usage, there also isn't anything impossible going on as the only additional bricks outside of the standard set is a composite angle of 1:4. There are more complex 'impossible' connections happening over here and here, but no one seems to have noticed.

@elmoyenique: Thank you. Although I consider myself a perpetual student, I've come to accept any honorary titles given. The creativity and inspiration on FontStruct are reciprocal.

@thalamic: I always do research on all of the relative material you often mention with your comments and learn something new. Thanks for that.

@funk_king: Thank you for the kind and generous words, fk. Another thing that I find ironic is that I can develop text based fonts better in FS than in 'real' font editors. The constrictive grid space that FS provides seems to be the perfect limitation for me to work in. The freedom provided by bezier curves often makes me over-exaggerate shapes. Its much easier for me to build in FS, then tweak the curves later - at least for now. If it looks good in low resolution first, it usually retains that foundation while upscaling. But I guess I could be able to recreate this in another editor, but it wouldn't be as easy or as fun.

sarreyn Sat, 18th September, 2010


thalamic Wed, 22nd September, 2010

"There are more complex 'impossible' connections happening over here and here, but no one seems to have noticed."

That's true, probably. But that only cements your genius status. You make it seem so natural that it never occurs to anyone to question it. :-)

meek Fri, 1st October, 2010

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “SpartanTech” is now a current Featured FontStruction.

will.i.ૐ Fri, 1st October, 2010

I love the characters that subtly controvert symmetry. More of that, please! Though in this case less is more; very, very well done.

In fact, fantastically awesome. All the more because it was a family engagement. 10/10

BLIZZARDD Mon, 4th October, 2010

looks awsome i wish i could make that

Yrael Sun, 10th October, 2010

Awesome !

Yrael Sun, 10th October, 2010

Awesome !

xenophilius Sat, 6th November, 2010

Where's the lower case "Z"? Lovely nevertheless.

masterfreakinchief Fri, 18th November, 2011

u forgot the numbers and the lowercase "z"

OblivionFont Fri, 9th December, 2011

how'd u do that, geneus?

Deadric_90 Mon, 19th November, 2012

all I wanna know is how long did it take to make, its bloody awsome stuff man I am using it in a presiontation for my BTEC work