en origami - pencil shaded

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by naveenchandru
cloned from en origami v2 by naveenchandru, and en origami by naveenchandru


Preview at a size slightly higher than the pixel size. Adjust the size to get a pencil shading effect. ----------------------------------- This is cloned from en origami v2. I've added the shading effect to each glyph.suggestions/comments are welcome:)
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Wed, 25th August, 12:44 PM 2010
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Sun, 10th February, 1:17 PM 2013
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naveenchandru Sun, 29th August, 2010

naveenchandru Sun, 29th August, 2010

I tried to produce a pencil-drawn effect for this font.

Tylo Sun, 29th August, 2010

Well done! Really cool effect!

djnippa Sun, 29th August, 2010

Great work.

naveenchandru Fri, 3rd September, 2010


Upixel Sat, 4th September, 2010

I love this twisted version.
Probably a lot of work... but the result is great

naveenchandru Tue, 7th September, 2010

Thanks Upixel!!
I'm happy that you liked it:)

djnippa Sat, 11th September, 2010

Why wasn't this a Top Pick?

Abneurone Fluid Types
Abneurone Fluid Types Sat, 11th September, 2010

@DJ Nippa : I could say this of hundreds of fonts here ! Afrojet and Meek are not GOD !

Abneurone Fluid Types
Abneurone Fluid Types Sat, 11th September, 2010

Err, when i say hundreds, i exaggerate a little, but still, many !

thalamic Sat, 11th September, 2010

Let's not overlook the obvious: Rob Meek and afrojet are humans. Keeping track of every shared font is not an easy task. Couple that with their other (main) duties, it is almost amazing that so many shared fontstructions do get top picked. It might also help to keep in mind that Top Picks are a bonus, not default. I, too, agree that this should probably be Top Picked, and maybe it will be, but let's not get upset if it isn't. The fun should be in the creation not what accolades it receives. If you are not enjoying the creation process, there are other, more popular, outlets (, for instance) that have the potential for a far greater (albeit, quiet mum) audience.

meek Sat, 11th September, 2010

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “en origami - pencil shaded” is now a Top Pick.

djnippa Sat, 11th September, 2010

I echo Thalamic. Sometimes high quality fonts do get over looked. It's not the end of the world! Meek & Afrojet are busy guys and probably have more to do than keep an eye on what everyone else is doing. I think it's nice of them to offer their time to keep check on the whole site.
If however you feel a font deserves some extra credit, then make a shout about it.

naveenchandru Sun, 12th September, 2010

@djnippa, neurone error, thalamic
I thank you for your support and 'shout' in making it a top pick. Support from you people makes me more happy than a Top Pick.

naveenchandru Sun, 12th September, 2010

HUGE THANKS for choosing it as a Top Pick

naveenchandru Sun, 12th September, 2010

Also I should thank Upixel, Afrojet for the comments on the original version - 'en origami'. Those have been influential in making this one.

meek Sun, 12th September, 2010

@naveenchandru well deserved. sometimes shouting is necessary to get us to notice great work like this.

elmoyenique Sun, 12th September, 2010

Am I the last one? Nobody told me something about this... But, What a pretty gem of font!!

naveenchandru Mon, 13th September, 2010


Maheish Fri, 8th October, 2010

hey...nice work da

alphakavin123 Sat, 9th October, 2010

awesome!!!!!.....This should be the top pick...........

funk_king Sat, 9th October, 2010

this would have been one of the best entries in handmadecomp. outstanding.

BRadster font
BRadster font Sun, 31st October, 2010

amazing work well done'

carolineelizabeth Sun, 14th November, 2010

this is so awesome!! I've actually always wondered (and since you're really good at this and I'm new, maybe you'd like to answer?), what makes you want to make fonts for free?

naveenchandru Sun, 14th November, 2010

Thank you everyone for your comments.
@carolineelizabeth:I create fonts because I love it. I am doing it for fun. Also it is a great feeling to hear comments from people from different parts of the world.

Upixel Mon, 15th November, 2010

@carolineélizabeth Salut :)
Create font for free: that's a good question... in fact in FS it's different than doing it in fontlab or font forge alone in your room, it's a community. Also most of fonts have no pretention on going commercial... so you can publish uncomplete set, bad kerning, weaker glyph in set, etc. By removing the rigid fraqme of commercial font, here you're free to explore crazy ideas, strange concepts and uncommercial font desing. Also, using the brick it's a challenge to replicate a vector font. Probably the greatest thing is receiving comments and suggestions on your work from other users which is very inspiring... well for all these reasons, FS is great :)

Joostmarcellis Fri, 7th January, 2011

Sick! the amount of work alone, i take of my head, cool effect

adamlutek Thu, 3rd February, 2011

Man. Unique work.

Sorceress Fri, 4th February, 2011

I really like it, I only wished it worked better at smaller sizes. Thanks for sharing!

I really like it, I only wished it worked better at smaller sizes.  Thanks for sharing!

PLUmaRth Tue, 8th February, 2011

I absolutly adore this font !

naveenchandru Fri, 11th February, 2011


When I started this one, I never really thought it would be successful. I directly started working in fs without any sketching. Its really amazing that many liked this one. Sometimes I thought of extending the characters but I am too lazy to do that. My mind always goes to create something new.

Pavlovili Thu, 10th March, 2011

cooo, thank you!

alaska Fri, 11th March, 2011

woahhhhhhhhh sssssssooooooooo cooooolllllllll

iFluffeh Sun, 27th March, 2011

How did you make this one?

balete Tue, 5th April, 2011

best font ever

satypography Thu, 26th April, 2012


diosanra Mon, 21st May, 2012


diosanra Mon, 21st May, 2012


Siload Sat, 3rd November, 2012

shoot...this is sick!!!!! great job dude... i can say this is 1 of the top 5 coolest font i've ever seen.

Siload Sat, 3rd November, 2012

btw, is it free or how much? =D

demonics Sat, 3rd November, 2012

@Siload // All fonts on FontStruct are free. Happy downloading! :-)

PS // Some FontStruct you cannot use commercially, or not use at all without the consent of the author. Check the Creative Commons licence near the description.

owowow Thu, 3rd January, 2013

Uh..... yeah.


diogog Tue, 15th January, 2013

great idea.

Kradrling Sun, 10th February, 2013

I would give you I 10/10 but the lowercase doesn't seem to work. Copy all the uppercase and paste them in the lowercase slots and I will give you a 10/10.

naveenchandru Sun, 10th February, 2013

@Kradrling: I have copied the uppercase letters to lower case letters. Thanks! :)

asadkhan6 Sun, 16th November, 2014

Amazing work
Keep it up...