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by Upixel
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variation on a theme. =========================================== Everything star with characters d and g witch are a remodel or a variation of the fonstruct logo font. I wanted it readable without the white stripes witch permit me to add smoothness inside the glyph ================================== I did'nt went trought all FS searching if an another font like this one already exist, I think no. If you find one, tell me. =========================================== I still have to play with diatrics, not quite happy yet. Voilà! as always be welcome with constructive crits. I've to do something with the 3, my brain is dead for now ============================================ Congrats to pauldhunt witch made a great job with Structurosa. Before creating this font I especially did'nt want to look at his fonts for not interfered with the concept I had in my head. One exception,the x witch I had no good idea so I took it from him. Merci Paul.
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Tue, 17th August, 6:33 PM 2010
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Thu, 21st April, 1:00 AM 2011
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Upixel Sat, 21st August, 2010

meek Sat, 21st August, 2010

This is really great – classic FontStructing. I suspect there are other designs a bit like this in the gallery somewhere, but that doesn't take anything away from this one. A very clear, strong sample too.

caliopigio Sat, 21st August, 2010

that's true: classic fontstruction. Nice work

naveenchandru Sun, 22nd August, 2010

I like the s,z,2,5 here
And the sample is great:)

djnippa Sun, 22nd August, 2010

Very cool. I did something similar on the same a grid a while ago, but this has it's own little quirky look to it. Great work.

djnippa Sun, 22nd August, 2010

I would also reduced the SPACE character width by one or two squares. The gap between words looks a little big.

Upixel Mon, 23rd August, 2010

Thank you caliopigio and everyone I appreciate those comment.

@meek: are you the creator of the font for the Original FS logo ? I really love it: very fresh, nice design and represent so weel the FS font builder.

@naveenchandru : yes I put a hole in sz25, I did'nt realy have the choice, oherwise they would be totaly fill of black and difficult to recognize... I have to compose with the fact that I choose to not have the stripes like the LOGO one. But also, the difference between 2 and z, per exemple, is so thin that you can get confuse, but I count on the context in a word you'll know witch is witch.

@Djnippa: thk for the space I miss this one. I went on your profile did you remove the font you were talking about ?
It's funny because when I look at your work I recognize myself, in some situation I say, If I had to do it I'll do it exactly just like you did it.
it can partially explain why I really love your portfolio ;) I have a crush for Fabrica, blagger stencil, Amphibian Stencil. Very strong work.

afrojet Mon, 23rd August, 2010

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “kabog” is now a Top Pick.

elmoyenique Mon, 6th September, 2010

How I like this kind of fonts, mon ami! Congrats for this new pink honour.

Upixel Tue, 7th September, 2010

@afrojet thank you for the pink honnor

@elmoyenique, I'm glad that please you, thk. For me as long as I have fun.
I had in my mind this font at least for the last two year and I did'nt want to build it because I tought it was to close from the FS LOGO font.
So at one point I just want to build it and trhow it out of my mind... and I did'nt really want to publish it, but at the end this font have it's own twist.

MPULSE Wed, 6th October, 2010

nice one!

edgomez80 Tue, 19th April, 2011

GREAT work anda thanx for share...but the "Ñ" for spanish people? can be great for us. Thanks again!

Upixel Wed, 20th April, 2011

@edgomez80 , Hi thank for your comment, The "n tilde" was already there compañero :)
I ajust all diatrics to be more harmonise with the rest of the font.

anTyp Wed, 20th April, 2011

Nice blocks :)
But diacritics are out of style I think.
Too small and too sharp/angular while overall design is rather soft with partial cuts.
I think zero is enough different by its contrast and counterform to remove slash from it, now it looks too bureaucratic for me.
If you remove diagonal from & it can serve as @.

Upixel Wed, 20th April, 2011

@anTyp I absolutely agree with you :) my diatrics are weak in this font, I just improve from the last version but still to sharp for the letters themself.

I'll do correction later on 0 and other glyph as you suggest.
nice comments thanks