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by geneus1


Legere. Latin root of the word 'legible.' An attempt at an original legible serif typeface. No single reference used, but I did keep the Serif section of the FontBook always open. After finishing the letters, it guess it resembles Melior or Renault. Somewhat inspired after caliopigio released Formal Roman. Maximization of composite angles were used to hammer out smooth curves in a smaller grid space. Cap height=42. I know I can make it smoother by working at twice the size, but at this point, fuggeddaboutit. 062110
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Sun, 16th May, 9:58 PM 2010
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Fri, 9th July, 12:48 AM 2010
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aphoria Tue, 22nd June, 2010

Absolutely beautiful.

djnippa Tue, 22nd June, 2010

Excellent work, really like the 'a,v,w'. From the preview the s's, although a great shape look a little fat, and have a darker colour than the rest. I'm sure you've already noticed and are probably restricted by the curves. Lower g looks a little awkward as well. Still a 10/10 though.

Frodo7 Tue, 22nd June, 2010

Excellent high contrast font showing the best qualities of FS 2.0. One of the finest of the new crop. 10/10

Upixel Tue, 22nd June, 2010

Very nice work!!!

I love the tail of y

I agree with DjNippa about the g

you're mastering FS
a 10 for me

p2pnut Wed, 23rd June, 2010

What an elegant, well balanced beauty. 10/10

I know what you mean about using a manageable Cap height ... once the initial euphoria of FS 2.0 has passed one starts to realise that (slight) compromises are acceptable and the results are still so much better than before.

afrojet Fri, 25th June, 2010

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Legere” is now a Top Pick.

afrojet Fri, 25th June, 2010

Man, that FontBook seems to have landed in some good hands :)

djnippa Thu, 1st July, 2010

Something is mightily wrong the preview window has lost a few brain cells!

Something is mightily wrong the preview window has lost a few brain cells!

geneus1 Sat, 3rd July, 2010

@djnippa: Thanks for lookout. I haven't really edited this in a bit, so the brain cells seem to have gotten lost on their own. It's like typographic Alzheimer's. I'll send a note to dr. meek.

Thanks for the critique too. I wonder if I can get anything past that eagle eye of yours. The s's can be modified further after careful scrutiny. The g was experimental and it grew on me, but I can have a regular looking one after I figure out what's going wrong.

@Frodo7, @Upixel: Thanks!

@p2pnut: Thanks. There are many options that have yet to be exercised outside of mega-scale fontstructions, even with pre-FS2.0 features.

@afrojet: Thanks for the TP. The FontBook was more than I expected. It's really heavy, literally and figuratively. It has references to the designers and the date of creation with lots of high resolution printed samples for its compendium of thousands of fonts. The listing of similar related fonts are also handy.

meek Tue, 6th July, 2010

I just noticed the problems with this FontStruction. It's not just the preview. A few bricks are missing. I'm hoping this is due to the copy-and-paste bug we discussed and hopefully fixed a few weeks back. Anyway, this one needs to be repaired.

geneus1 Fri, 9th July, 2010

Thanks meek. Fixed the missing bricks, although I will miss the 'grunge' version. Middle sections of both S's have been minutely thinned, and new g added.

joequincy Fri, 9th July, 2010

Thank goodness! I stumbled across this font the other day (via another site) and was saddened to see that it had been destroyed by bugs.

Agent Demonic Ladybug
Agent Demonic Ladybug Mon, 28th March, 2011

It's amazing! like a serif version of Periculum!