Hardcore modular FS in 25 minutes. It's late, so i'll fill the description box tomorrow. I will make component of any glyph to make the flash preview more readable. I believe that even 1x1 font made out of 2x2 componets is still 2x2, so converting don't make any further differences. Damn. Almost stencil. Almost because of "0" and "&"... Is this any achievement? To make font more universal? 2x2 and monospacing - isn't it enough :D? NE - there's a challenge for you! Doesn't these characters look so great to be used in an artwork?
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Fri, 14th May, 9:15 PM 2010
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Thu, 20th May, 9:44 PM 2010
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Neoqueto Thu, 20th May, 2010

meek Fri, 21st May, 2010

25 minutes well spent. I guess its 4x4 really(?) It seems very inhuman in spirit and in terms of legibility, but that's its appeal.

Abneurone Fluid Types
Abneurone Fluid Types Fri, 21st May, 2010

Dear Neoqueto, you proposed to play, this time I played with Fontstruct and made font as a gift to you. i wanted mine a bit more legible so it took me more than 25 mns to solve some problems, hope you will like this sci-fi stencil version of mine

Abneurone Fluid Types
Abneurone Fluid Types Fri, 21st May, 2010

In fact I made 2, the second being much more alien !

p2pnut Fri, 21st May, 2010

I couldn't even think of something like this in 25 minutes, let alone create it. Great bit of minimalism :)

Abneurone Fluid Types
Abneurone Fluid Types Thu, 6th December, 2012

Dear Neoqueto, just published the TESTAMENT final formula of my font inspired by Microfuture. Here's the link