zetentas eYe/FS

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by elmoyenique
see also zetentas light eYe/FS by elmoyenique


70's style font, disco lights and dance music... "zententas" sounds like "70's" in Spanish. I present you another design of this font, circled it, you see: "zetentas light". (The low case is in the kitchen.)
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Thu, 6th May, 10:11 PM 2010
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Wed, 12th May, 1:55 PM 2010
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fugitiveglue Wed, 12th May, 2010

(thump, thump, thump, thump...) Everybody say “Ha-ay”… “Ho-oh”…

elmoyenique Wed, 12th May, 2010

Frodo7 Wed, 12th May, 2010

It looks what it says, disco lights from the 70s. Very pretty and consistent design. Stylish demo pic. A GIF animation anyone? 10/10

Upixel Wed, 12th May, 2010

Nice Dot Font I Love It

it Was Audacious To Crate a font with 2 dots on left side and 5 on right side. Firts Time I see This Kind Of Design Bravo !!!
Great Sample as well
perfect 10

elmoyenique Wed, 12th May, 2010

@Frodo7, @Upixel: Thanks a lot for your kind comments, I appreciate very much the comments you made about my work in FS, I learn a lot from them and is an honour for me when you spend a little time to teach me about fonts. Thanks again.

afrojet Thu, 13th May, 2010

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “zetentas eYe/FS” is now a Top Pick.

elmoyenique Thu, 13th May, 2010

Thank you very much once again to the FS' Staff for this pretty white star on pink background. For me this is an incentive that pushes me to elaborate more fonts, for you is the trouble of having to see them.

thalamic Wed, 19th May, 2010

I am a sucker for dot matrix fonts. This puts a smile on my face.

elmoyenique Thu, 20th May, 2010

@thalamic: And this smile in your face makes me happy, master. Your words have illuminated a little dark place in my day. Thanks again for your time looking at my fonts.

p2pnut Fri, 21st May, 2010

I missed this when it first came out (may have been while I was setting up my new PC) - glad I found it now as it is such a fine font (at all sizes). Nice sample as well. 10/10

elmoyenique Sat, 22nd May, 2010

@p2pnut: Thank you very much, master. I appreciate each one of the words you leave here talking about fonts (and my fonts too). Your great work and the time you spend on FS I think that is priceless. Thanks for doing it.

vincewong1982 Fri, 11th June, 2010

hey elmoyenique... very very impressed with the fonts.. thanks for bringing back the 70s style! keep up the good work.

elmoyenique Fri, 25th June, 2010

@vincewong1982: Thanks for your comment. I grew up in the 80s listening the first (and often excellents) songs of the Disco Music and watching all those wonderful covers. These were years of freedom and fun, just what is now longs. Thanks for your support once again. The hope still with us.