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by shasta
see also Punchline Filled by shasta


Ultra heavy slab serif uppercase only face, subtly celebrating the 4x1 diagonals of fontstruct 2.0... I hope some people will find more stylish uses for this than on college shirts/jumpers. It actually wasn't intended to have that standard college slab serif look, and I desperately believe that there's still a nuance of difference, but that might be an illusion.

I btw just copied the uppercase letters on lowercase slots to make it more convenient. So don't be too impressed by the character count.;)
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Mon, 12th April, 9:33 PM 2010
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Thu, 13th May, 2:14 PM 2010
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shasta Thu, 13th May, 2010

shasta Thu, 13th May, 2010

What an awful sample... I'll do a better one soon!

afrojet Thu, 13th May, 2010

Man, you guys are killin' it with these new designs. Perfect name for this one Shasta - hits home like a ton of bricks. I think Ford or Chevy Trucks just found their new font for their 2010 campaign ;-)

johndilworth Thu, 13th May, 2010

Love this one. Heavy duty with enough style to not be boring.

fugitiveglue Thu, 13th May, 2010

Now we’re talkin’! THIS is a slab serif. Meaty, muscly, well-proportioned. I even like the quirky serifs on the V an W. Excellent exploitation of 2.0

djnippa Thu, 13th May, 2010

Perfect in every way.

aphoria Thu, 13th May, 2010

Blam! Boom! Bow!

Awesome shasta.

elmoyenique Thu, 13th May, 2010

@ Shasta: Dear FS master: You have come true with this font an idea where I was working before it and now I give up gladly. I really like your fonts, even I think you and I are thinking about typography in a way very similar. Thank you for your dedication to the strange world of the glyphs.

meek Thu, 13th May, 2010

This is great. Lots of fun and interesting details.

Frodo7 Thu, 13th May, 2010

If someone thought it was easy to make a font like Punchline, he/she should think again. It looks well balanced, easy on the eyes, almost flawless. The full characters set, and a snazzy demo pic make this work very accomplished. 10/10

afrojet Thu, 13th May, 2010

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Punchline” is now a Top Pick.

kix Fri, 14th May, 2010

grossartige arbeit! hut ab, shasta!
de-li-schess :)

shasta Sat, 15th May, 2010

Thanks everyone, really appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you like it! I must admit it has started to grow on me too as the fontstructing progressed... Probably one of my most useful and usable fonts, and that's mainly thanks to the steeper diagonals made possible with FS 2.0. In that respect the composite brick feature has made a huge step towards more professional designs possible. I don't think I would have made many things much different if i had done this in a free bezier curve software. (Maybe the Y, but that's about it.) Which is pretty cool if you think about it!

So cheers to Rob and the FontStruct staff for pushing this amazing piece of software further and further! At least half of the praise here belongs to you...

gspace Sat, 15th May, 2010

Unbelievably great! This is just a true font. I'm amazed by the details.

Upixel Sun, 16th May, 2010


I love your diatrics there thick and well design.
Look very PRO Bravo! a 10

@elmoyenique: I don not agree with you, YOU SHOULD take back your Idea , look the overall PUNCHLINE and bring your concept somewhere else... ;)
you've already show us your great imagination, I belive in you ;)

shasta Sun, 16th May, 2010

Uh, yep, almost forgot to answer to that...
@elmoyenique: I totally agree with Upixel: Don't give up on your design! I'd love to see it... One shouldn't give up something just because someone else did something similar. Most of us wouldn't even have started fontstructing if we'd had this attitude. And in the end, variety is the spice of life. ;)

And gspace and Upixel: Thanks for your comments, glad you like it!

afrojet Tue, 18th May, 2010

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Punchline” is now a current Featured FontStruction.

shasta Tue, 18th May, 2010

Awesome, thanks a lot afrojet!

Here's a little thank you for all the positive feedback... Though: "little" might not be the appropriate word for this fella.

thalamic Wed, 19th May, 2010

If you didn't tell anyone, no one would ever suspect this is a modular font. Superb craftsmanship.

zen_killa Thu, 20th May, 2010

wow great work and marvelous sample ! Félécitations !

zen_killa Tue, 25th May, 2010

congratulations !!

shasta Sun, 30th May, 2010

Thanks for the link, zen_killa... I had to ask them to use a slightly modified sample though. The way I posted it here it looked like a pig among pearls in that collection.:)

And thanks for the comment, thalamic! Not seeing the modular base of the font is probably one of the biggest compliments you can give me for this font... :)

emepar7 Mon, 31st May, 2010

Your sample is crazy good (as always)...very nice.

Matthewrulz Wed, 2nd June, 2010

What a nice font! I downloaded it! I have a font called wacky. yes if you see it I know I have bad handwriting.

jessica.l Thu, 3rd June, 2010

Just... wow awesome :) just downloaded it.

velmont Tue, 15th February, 2011

Very nice!

Only thing, I have to manually kern LT and FJ all the time. They are not close enough. :-)

Otherwise great stuff.

kometo Tue, 3rd April, 2012

punch is a poweviolence band! :)