Scoreboard is based on the University of South Carolina's block "C" logo. I took the basic concept and extended it to an entire alphabet. (For now, it's uppercase only.) Of course, it's also fun to release this font after South Carolina destroyed in-state rival Clemson on Saturday. (34-17) I've added a few characters to commemorate the victory. I'll probably add and extend the character set...
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Fri, 20th November, 1:55 AM 2009
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Sun, 1st December, 4:52 AM 2013
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Sketchbook B
Sketchbook B Tue, 1st December, 2009

A little typographic taunting here...

A little typographic taunting here...

Sketchbook B
Sketchbook B Mon, 29th November, 2010

I've updated it to include this year's score. South Carolina defeats Clemson 29-7.

Sketchbook B
Sketchbook B Wed, 29th June, 2011

Just added another glyph in honor of South Carolina's second straight national championship in baseball. Go Gamecocks!

p2pnut Wed, 29th June, 2011

LOL! I look forward to next year's result ... hope it means another victory glyph for you to produce :)

Sketchbook B
Sketchbook B Tue, 29th November, 2011

And one more victory glyph... South Carolina beats Clemson 34-13 this year. Since I started this, South Carolina has won three in a row and two national championships in baseball... so I'll think I'll keep updating it.

Sketchbook B
Sketchbook B Sun, 30th December, 2012

Added another victory over Clemson. Four years in a row.

Sketchbook B
Sketchbook B Sun, 1st December, 2013

Five in a row!

Five in a row!