RM Ginger

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by p2pnut
see also RM Victoriana by p2pnut


This font was inspired by a few letters (seen on a logo). Does anyone know whether there is a font in existance that they recognise from this?
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Thu, 19th November, 5:11 PM 2009
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Mon, 30th November, 7:41 PM 2009
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p2pnut Mon, 23rd November, 2009

I would really welcome any comments about this one. It may be used for the cover of a CD (I will be donating it for free) so I will be happy to make any improvements that can be suggested.

If it is too much like an existing font, then I will have to start again ... so any identifications would also be useful.

p2pnut Mon, 23rd November, 2009

thalamic Mon, 23rd November, 2009

I'm not good with memory so I can't help with the identification. I can offer other suggestions though.

1. The small-caps work better. Why? Because the curved letters (C G O Q) look more rounded and natural in them.

2. The swash of the L is the most pleasing sweep. I understand that you wanted to give each character its own personality, but some repetition is nice too. Think musical rhythms. E could certainly be a modified L.

2. The N with the backward flip on the right stem looks a bit like a NJ ligature. Maybe the diagonal could just sweep out and under following letters? Like the R, perhaps?

3. The back sweep of the Y. Maybe it could be a left movement sweep under the preceding letter?

4. The non-sweep of the X and K. Maybe they could be like the R?

5. The bowl of the J. Maybe it does not have to be so bowl like? Half a bowl?

6. V and W. These two seem to fit the least with the rest. It is difficult to describe what I'm envisioning but I'll try. Delete the upper two arms of the E; continue the lower arm sweep up to form the right stem; the left stem of the original E becomes the left stem of V. Take the new V and mirror the right stem to form the new left stem of W.

7. A seems a bit too art nouveau. I'm at a loss to offer suggestions for that.

These are mere suggestions. The font is an amazing achievement as it is. :-)

funk_king Mon, 23rd November, 2009

looks original to me :) very enchanting. has a magical feel when viewing text. the consistent elements really tie it together. some glyphs make me think you took Entrees and sculpted these down :)

aphoria Mon, 23rd November, 2009

Great stuff p2pnut. Thalamic pretty much covered any suggestion I might have made. :)

p2pnut Tue, 24th November, 2009

Cheers thal :) Everything you suggested homed straight in on the weak points that I wasn't happy about - but was standing too close to see the solutions.

Amendments made to the U/C - if the consensus is that I have changed things for the better, then I will do l/c.

p2pnut Tue, 24th November, 2009

Not forgetting, thanks to fk and aphoria :)

wraybowling Tue, 24th November, 2009

Throw the logo in to whatthefont

intaglio Wed, 25th November, 2009

Made me think Edwardian/Victorian, Sherlock Holmes... it's got more than a whiff of the Great Exhibition, the (first) Great Train Robbery, Prestidigitateurs, not quite carnival, definitely not bearded ladies... I'm having a brain fever.

Frodo7 Fri, 27th November, 2009

It is very curious, spooky, inspiring design with an eerie feeling of mistery. The letters look like wood carvings. I've made a simple demo pic using a photo of mine, but I wish I had some pictures with really old trees, intricate branches and twigs. 10/10

It is very curious, spooky, inspiring design with an eerie feeling of mistery. The letters look like wood carvings. I've made a simple demo pic using a photo of mine, but I wish I had some pictures with really old trees, intricate branches and twigs. 10/10

p2pnut Fri, 27th November, 2009

I love that photo ... the stark, bare silhouettes of the trees; with that hint of something warmer to come in the bright sky.

afrojet Mon, 30th November, 2009

This is wonderful p2pnut. Love the personality. I can't help but see later day "Gilligan's Island" in the GINGER photo you provided.

p2pnut Mon, 30th November, 2009

More Latin added - I think that'll be it folks as it's getting a tad unweildy.

gferreira_admin Wed, 2nd December, 2009

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “RM Ginger” is now a Top Pick.

p2pnut Wed, 2nd December, 2009

Thank you GF :)

fartheststar Sun, 9th September, 2012

thanks for making this available. It has a spooky character to it, but a charming type of spooky.

p2pnut Sat, 22nd December, 2012

To all the staff and 'structors

To all the staff and 'structors

demonics Sat, 22nd December, 2012

@p2pnut // happy holidays! :-)

winty5 Sat, 22nd December, 2012

AMAZING! Merry christmas and a happy new year!