Track Filled

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by funk_king


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Tue, 25th August, 2:55 PM 2009
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Wed, 9th September, 4:38 AM 2009
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aphoria Wed, 26th August, 2009

This is awesome. Elegant, with a hint of quirky.

cayo Thu, 27th August, 2009

Nice diagonals & that's certainly an effing f!

gferreira_admin Thu, 27th August, 2009

This is getting better and better. :-)

I think the new f with descender fits well with this cursive style. I feel that f and t are asking for real crossbars and more width. More generous spacing would also help to improve legibility.

gferreira_admin Thu, 27th August, 2009

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “track filled” is now a Top Pick.

p2pnut Thu, 27th August, 2009

Gets my 10 :)

funk_king Thu, 27th August, 2009

thanks aphoria, cayo (u crazy guy u) and p2pnut. and many thanks to gus for the pdot and the coaching that you provided - your input really helped take this to the next level. thanks :)

thalamic Thu, 27th August, 2009


I have an idea for the s. taking the diagonal and loop of the g and combining it with the diagonal and loop of the h will give a very italic s. Or something else. I love the design but the pointy edges on s are distracting. Maybe they should not have the flatter diagonal and perhaps the e could be adapted to form less distracting s and z. Although, looking at it again, the z could be modified to make an alternate e too. You'll think of something. :-)

funk_king Thu, 27th August, 2009

thanks thal. i have implemented your changes and they work nicely. they are actually truer to the original design. i don't know where the low slant that i used in the replaced S and Z came from :) i guess you noticed that they seemed somewhat out of place :) thanks.

aphoria Thu, 27th August, 2009

The new s and z flow much better.

jmarquez Fri, 28th August, 2009


ps: I prefer the alternate "e".

gferreira_admin Fri, 28th August, 2009

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “track filled” is now a current Featured FontStruction.

djnippa Sat, 29th August, 2009

Very unique, and distinctive, and full marks for usability.
Any reason why you've left the dot off j & i?
Also have you thought about making the 'r' half the width of the n? It's wider than the 'n' at the mo, which doesn't read too well.
To add icing to the cake, have you got an upper case in the pipeline? :-)

funk_king Sat, 29th August, 2009

thanks fstaff and everyone for your encouragement and suggestions on this one.

@jm - i switched the e's :)

@dj - good eye - i didn't realize the r was off :) thanks. i have modified, not quite half but more compact. i tried a kind of regular dot for the i and j but it was too small i thought, so i tried this one. i'll see if i like it :) but kept the old i and j as alts. uc? who knows :)

djnippa Sun, 30th August, 2009

Lovin the upper case, but they seem a little too tall. Also D & Q look a bit off. Really cool "G".

Magic Sam
Magic Sam Mon, 31st August, 2009

Very nice, congratulations, FK!
But I would appreciate it if you could add a few more characters to this Fontstruction (and your other fonts too), as such as the hyphen -, this one is too important to be left out, IMO. And I would love to see numerals and Umlauts (ö,ü,ä)...

djnippa Tue, 1st September, 2009

I have to agree with Magic Sam, especially with your T.P's.
It becomes a redundant font otherwise.
Or maybe you should allow people to clone the font, so they can make their own.

funk_king Tue, 1st September, 2009

ok magic_sam and dj, geesh :) i know i've been slacking sacrificing completeness for um... whatever :) many times i find myself in the zone regarding inspiration and that initial spark can usually get me through an upper or lower case, sometimes both, and rarely any more :( i imagine that as my output decreases, i will probably start building out certain sets, perhaps based on popularity i suppose or otherwise.

i really admire and envy FSers who do the full basic and even more props to those who do the extended set and beyond. i guess i could rationalize and say that these are not really professional fonts anyway, so why should i bother? but i would not even joke like that.

as my college theater director always told the troupe, "The only difference between us and Broadway is that they get paid." That excellence is in abundance here at FS. thanks for your encouragement :)

funk_king Thu, 3rd September, 2009

well i have done my penance (at least for this one) and completed the basic latin. thanks for the encouragement. not that i plan on making this a habit necessarily, but it is a good thing :) now back to normal operations...

djnippa Thu, 3rd September, 2009

A few variations for the Q. :-)
I prefer the middle one.

A few variations for the Q. :-)
<br/>I prefer the middle one.

darkseeid Mon, 21st September, 2009

the high level ! nice and elegant style !

gferreira_admin Thu, 24th December, 2009

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “track filled” is now a current Featured FontStruction.