French Defence

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by Frodo7
see also French Defence v2 by Frodo7


Chess font to use for games notation. The places of symbols may change later.
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Sun, 16th August, 8:51 PM 2009
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Sat, 10th July, 11:08 AM 2010
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Frodo7 Mon, 17th August, 2009

p2pnut Mon, 17th August, 2009

Wow! That is some fine 'structing.

Frodo7 Tue, 18th August, 2009

A screenshot from MS Word, where this chessboard have been quickly assembled.

A screenshot from MS Word, where this chessboard have been quickly assembled.

funk_king Tue, 18th August, 2009

marvelous. quite wonderful. i would think someone could easily make this into a very cool flash game. great job on the pieces - simple and elegant.

jinx Tue, 18th August, 2009

Clever, very clever. I love it.

afrojet Tue, 18th August, 2009

Check and mate. Love the knight.

gferreira_admin Tue, 18th August, 2009

Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “French Defence” is now a Top Pick.

jmarquez Tue, 18th August, 2009

Great Idea / Great work!

gferreira_admin Tue, 18th August, 2009

Great idea, Frodo. And beautifully FontStructed too.

Silly question: why did you chose to design the knight facing to the right? I feel it would be more natural to have it facing left (although I can't really explain why :-).

pauldhunt Tue, 18th August, 2009

isn't the black square usually striped in these things? for some reason i think it actually does help with clarity when it is. just my $.02

Frodo7 Tue, 18th August, 2009

Thank you for your kind comments and generous ratings. It is a pleasure to share my work with people who value small things, as well as big ones.

@gferreira: on the "facing" of the Knight. It is a good point, and I can give you three possible answers. But let's have a joke first.

The cowboy and his horse went into the saloon. As they stood at the bar the bartender turned around and asked him: why the long face?

A1: I've made my sketches after a picture of a rose/cherrywood figurine, which happened to be in that position.

A2: As I experimented with bricks to shape a horse, by pure chance I hit upon this pretty configuration, or at least the core of it, and I was happy and content with ever since.

A3: This answer has strong implications with my forthcoming project, and I think it's not wise to talk about it right now.

Bilateral symmetry is a tricky phenomenon, not to be underestimated. I don't know whether it would look "more natural" the other way around or not. To me it's natural enough either ways. However, all commercial chess fonts (e.g. Linares, Hastings, Chess Alpha, just to name a few) have the Knight in the opposite position, so I think I ought to follow the tradition.

Speaking about chess fonts and traditions, there is a Unicode range dedicated to chess symbols (from uni2654 to uni265F), yet unsupported by FS. and there is built in support for in HTML (♔-♟) as well. I wonder why is it, that none of the fonts mentioned above have used it for their character map. They simply placed the figures according to some hobbit sense: white pawn to P, w king to K, w bishop to B, w rook to R, w queen to Q, w knight/horse to H, and the black ones to the corresponding lower case letters, so on and so fort. However, they are occasional and inconsistent if you compare and scrutinize them. Who should I follow to make a truly useable font for typesetting chess? Shall I invent my own keyboard layout?

Frodo7 Tue, 18th August, 2009

@pauldhunt: A very good observation. I have noticed that too. Too much black, not easy on the eyes. I've also considered the printer economy: to save a good deal of ink when printed at large sizes. I've been experimenting with different striped and checkered patterns to replace the solid black. It is not easy to find a suitable one, which seamlessly blends with the figures, yet leaves them untouched. Since it is a Top Pick now, I don't want to make any major unsolicited changes on it. It would not be fair. But I'll make a second version with all the healthy modifications incorporated. And more..

pauldhunt Fri, 21st August, 2009

Re black: I would leave the black chess piece shapes as they are and only make the representative squares striped. This should work as you already have a white outline around the black piece shapes...

clem86 Sun, 23rd August, 2009

J'adoooore! je prefere le v2, mais celui-ci est super... etant moi-meme francais, je suis tres content!

clem86 Mon, 24th August, 2009

Petite question ( qui n'a rien a voir avec cette ecriture d'ailleurs ) comment on fait pour mettre un truc a la place du gros point d'interrogation a gauche???

Frodo7 Tue, 25th August, 2009

@clem86: Merci pour votre commentaire. Je suis un grand fan de la culture française. J'ai eu l'habitude à Paris quelque temps. Mais mon français n'est pas aussi bon qu'il devrait être. J'ai a oublié beaucoup de mots. Je m'excuse pour les erreurs possibles à l'avance.

J'ai choisi "la Défense Française" pour le titre au lieu du terme général "échecs" parce que ça sonnait bien. "Le Français" comme une ouverture dans les échecs a une réputation de la solidité et la résilience.

Votre question quant à la petite image à gauche j'ai répondu dans un message.

Frodo7 Sat, 10th July, 2010

I've changed the Knight: it is now facing to the left to follow the tradition. FS 2.0 made it too easy to skip.

Frodo7 Sat, 10th July, 2010

Keyboard layout

B - white Bishop on black square
b - white Bishop on white sq
H - white Horse/Knight on black sq
h - white Horse/knight on white sq
J - black Horse/Knight on black sq
j - black Horse/Knight on white sq
K - white King on black sq
k - white King on white sq
L - black King on black sq
l - black King on white sq
N - black Bishop on black sq
n - black Bishop on white sq
O - black Pawn on black sq
o - black Pawn on white sq
P - white Pawn on black sq
p - white Pawn on white sq
Q - white Queen on black sq
q - white Queen on white sq
R - white Rook on black sq
r - white Rook on white sq
T - black Rook on black sq
t - black Rook on white sq
W - black queen on black sq
w - black queen on white sq
Y/Space - White square
Z - Black square

Frodo7 Sat, 10th July, 2010

elmoyenique Wed, 22nd September, 2010

Very delicate, laborious and excellent work. You're always taking a step beyond the others. Congratulations once again, FS master.