Dedicated to my best friend in college: my CASIO fx-7700G Power Graphic Scientific Calculator ! ... Basic Latin character set completed by Goatmeal, along with the addition of three function memory slot subscript numbers (7,8 & 9) that are not present on the calculator (only six function memory slots are available).
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Wed, 8th July, 3:02 AM 2009
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Thu, 9th February, 6:03 PM 2012
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Agent Demonic Ladybug
Agent Demonic Ladybug Thu, 9th February, 2012

Hahaha, this is a great classic with a funny name! 9/10!

Goatmeal Thu, 9th February, 2012

@ADL - Thanks for the kind words! While changing the batteries, I found a few new characters I hadn't noticed before - hence, the updates. As I don't use all of the calculator's functions, I know there are still a few missing characters lurking about in the circuits somewhere...

p2pnut Fri, 10th February, 2012

I thought of trying a similar exercise with the calculator of my young days ... but the abacus doesn't use a font!

Nice one GM. 10/10

Goatmeal Fri, 10th February, 2012

@p2pnut -- Ha ha! True, but you could certainly use FontStruct to make a dingbat font of Abacuses / Abaci. Each glyph could have the beads in various positions representing different numerical values.

And as usual, many thanks for the support and kind words! :^)