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by kix


the DOT experience continues... It gives you an unexpected kind of FREEDOM creating lines with dots. This time i doubled the resolution by using 2x2 circles. Finally your eye can help making curves of any size look complete and entirely smooth! Oh my god... I see more possibilities now than ever before!! That technique of "dotting", as i call it, will make my brain bust, i guess. :P May the force be with me!
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Fri, 6th March, 4:19 AM 2009
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Wed, 9th June, 7:57 PM 2010
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kix Sun, 8th March, 2009

i felt the urgent need to share this!
i know it's not finished.
in fact, numerals from 6-9 are missing, but i promise this will grow a little bit more in glyph amount.

It's not best for writing in uppercase only, but l/c and words, starting with a capital will look pleasing, i guess...

MustardMan Sun, 8th March, 2009

Again you're driving it to the next level!

aphoria Sun, 8th March, 2009


emepar7 Sun, 8th March, 2009


My only suggestion: The "M, W, w" are a bit too narrow on the left.

thalamic Sun, 8th March, 2009


sliveress Sun, 8th March, 2009

LOVE the J, K, Q and the R! But the V, W, v, and w look, erm, backwards? The strokes look reversed...

Very lovely, though!

afrojet Sun, 8th March, 2009

Fantastic. I'm stoked on that lower case 'y'. Keep building it out.

saberrider Sun, 8th March, 2009

i didn't like most of the dotted fonts so far but this one plays in a league of its own. wonderfully crafted. the proportions all perfectly ballanced. you really should think about recreating this one in a "real" vector based program. the forms got so much potential.

Magic Sam
Magic Sam Mon, 9th March, 2009


djnippa Mon, 9th March, 2009

Absolutely, totally unbelievably, good looking.
This is a work of art. 10/10

Axel Leyer
Axel Leyer Mon, 9th March, 2009

Wow! Beautiful curves...beautiful typeface...

hellotheresa Mon, 9th March, 2009

this is so awesome!

beate Tue, 10th March, 2009

This is verry, verry fine. Nice work!

kix Tue, 10th March, 2009

thanks for your kind words, everyone.
They are very appreciated.
I flipped those "V"s and "W"s, they fit better know, but they are also more usual. good decision after all...

All numerals added plus some symbols. there will be some more soon as well, like e.g. some notes, a four leaf clover, a horseshoe and other casino-ish stuff :) cheers

luiscastellon Wed, 11th March, 2009

and you did it again. 12!

wolfkrim Wed, 11th March, 2009


kix Wed, 11th March, 2009

thanks again :)
it's really satisfying to read all this after putting soooooooo much effort in this one.
I think it's my most beloved "child" so far and i swear every DOT is done with much thoughts and love. That's why i don't want to set in back on "private", while i'm working on it :)

This is totally UNDER FONTSTRUCTION at the moment, so if you want the real DOSE, try to be patient for let's say 1-2 days!

I'm guessing this took me about 60 hours yet, and it think i'll spend another 15-20. stay tuned guys...

aphoria Wed, 11th March, 2009

It's time well spent and it really shows in the result.

I keep coming back just to look at the letters...they're so beautiful.

funk_king Thu, 12th March, 2009

very nice dude. love your specials, especially the music notes and lucky charms :) very classic yet innovative. makes me think of broadway, vegas, even some mississippi river gambling boats... keep on chugging dude :)

beate Thu, 12th March, 2009

je suis contente, de t’avoir pu inspirer pour les petits point! Continues ainsi!


intaglio Fri, 13th March, 2009

I think this is your best font yet. How can it be flashy and restrained at the same time? I don't know, but it is.

kix Fri, 13th March, 2009

Ok. I think it's done!
Everything is where it belongs, but i put some special glyphs into it as well:

asterisk/little star = "*"
four leaf clover = "#"
horseshoe = "%"
(note)clef = "@"
single notes = "(" and ")"
double notes = "[" and "]"

Ok. I think it's done!
<br/>Everything is where it belongs, but i put some special glyphs into it as well:
<br/>asterisk/little star = "*"
<br/>four leaf clover = "#"
<br/>horseshoe = "%"
<br/>(note)clef = "@"
<br/>single notes = "(" and ")"
<br/>double notes = "[" and "]"

thalamic Fri, 13th March, 2009

The treble clef? Are you kidding me? Curvilcious wow, wow, wow.

kix Fri, 13th March, 2009

emepar7 Fri, 13th March, 2009

Silky smooth clef! The extended chars look great as well.

aphoria Fri, 13th March, 2009

Damn, you just keep taking to another level.

Great additions.

kix Sun, 15th March, 2009


hellotheresa Mon, 16th March, 2009

*whistles* That's a good looking font!

roy.vanegas Sun, 22nd March, 2009

love the font — thanks. i'm using it on my myspace page:


love the font &mdash; thanks.  i'm using it on my myspace page:
<br/><a href=""></a>

julischka Tue, 7th April, 2009

i know i'm late, but this is SO beautiful!
great work!

geneus1 Sun, 19th April, 2009

Hey kix!

I can't believe it's been over a month since I was going to comment. First of all, I think this is absolutely brilliant. Very clean. Love your sample too.

Two observations:
1. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it yet, but the A looks like it needs to be flipped, the same way as the V and W were transposed. In order to maintain consistency, the right side of the A would need the thicker stem to match the diagonal strokes of the V and W.

2. I know this is an experimentation with 2x2 circles and this next comment does not really help you out now since it comes after the fact, but here goes. Using quarter circle bricks do open up more possibilities for brick placement. But if you start with a filter setting of 2:2, then you can achieve the same thing with only one full circle brick. Since everything becomes double scale, the single circle brick would automatically cover a 2x2 grid space. In terms of file efficiency, it cuts down the number of bricks used by 75%, which eases the save capacity for larger fontsructions. For maximum dot placement, you can try using the four quarter circles in 2:2 scale, which creates circles that cover a 4x4 grid area.

Hit me back if I'm not making sense...

kix Mon, 20th April, 2009

That totally makes sense!
thanks for your thoughts :)

After all i'm lucky this is downloadable. I'll keep that scaling in mind if i'm starting my next dot font.

And you're right about "A", too. I changed "V" and "W" and simply forgot to do the same to "A", hehe. Sometimes i'm a little lazy as well, especially at the moment...

I think that will change soon.
it sounds like the discussion about flipping, moving, rotating of selected bricks, will bring some interesting changes.

I'm totally looking forward to that!

aphoria Tue, 21st April, 2009

I don't know...I think the A looks ok as it is.

kix Tue, 21st April, 2009

I thought about that, but the new "A" just seems more familiar. I left a copy of the old one on "§".

and thanks

aphoria Wed, 22nd April, 2009

Don't worry, I still love it. :)

kladdkaka2000 Thu, 14th May, 2009

Is it still possible to download this font? Doesn't seem to work...

kix Thu, 14th May, 2009

I'm sorry, but this seems to be that way since FS was in transit :(
the only change i did to this was flipping the "A"...


kix Mon, 1st June, 2009

it seems, all my fonts are downloadable again :)

esengue Sun, 24th July, 2011

nice font

Mhnsh.t46 Sat, 24th September, 2011

Brilliant !

valeriofrancesco Sat, 3rd December, 2011

Perfect font! What about a filled version?

Machinchouette Mon, 16th April, 2012

J'aimerais tellement être capable de faire d'aussi belles choses, plutôt que de m'obstiner à continuer toujours la même (Anguleux). Une police identique avec des lettres pleines serait parfaite !

sherra11 Sat, 1st December, 2012

ok im new to this but i really like this font, how do i get this font to wordperfect,or notepad or paint??so i can do the name i want with it?? DANIEL im working on a mirror and this lettering is perfect .i just need to get his name and adjust size to fit right??you can email me at please

p2pnut Sun, 2nd December, 2012

@sherra11: To install a new font -

1) Download it from here (I suggest you download it to the Desktop)
2) Open the .zip folder and Copy the .ttf file to the Desktop.
3) Open C:/Windows/Fonts and drag the .ttf file from the Desktop to this folder.

The font is now installed and will be available for use in any of your programs.

Good luck with the mirror :)

natic Sat, 13th April, 2013


minidonut Sun, 16th June, 2013

Is that the Cape Feather from fs SMW? =D

Is that the Cape Feather from fs SMW? =D

minidonut Sun, 16th June, 2013

About.. ^here.

minidonut Sun, 16th June, 2013

Er... I meant ____________ ^ here.

kix Sun, 16th June, 2013

sure it is :)