by Noah (winty5)

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

If you would like to use the FontStruction for a specific project, you may be able to contact the designer directly about obtaining a license.


This was a 10 minute challenge for me! :)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 3rd february 2013
If you think it looks sorta like hieroglyphics, then your not alone :P
Comment by Noah (winty5) 3rd february 2013
I'm going to sell this on MyFonts with a full charset, under Winter Design Studio, my own foundry.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 3rd february 2013
Good luck! :-)
Comment by demonics 4th february 2013
Well done in 10 minutes! And good luck, but remember that MyFonts can be strict. I don't think you are allowed to have fonts elsewhere if you sell them there (that would include FontStruct too).
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 4th february 2013
That might apply to free fonts only though... Well, I'm not good with this stuff so I'll stay quiet now. :)
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 4th february 2013
@dm: Thx!

@Yautja: This is a demo version...
Comment by Noah (winty5) 4th february 2013
I'll give you people the link once my foundry is set up!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 4th february 2013
AARGH! I got REJECTED by the Myfonts people! Forget MYfONTS, I'm stickeing to FS! This is no longer a demo. I will be adding diacritical marks and stuff now for free. :(
Comment by Noah (winty5) 17th february 2013
Yautja you were right. MyFonts IS strict...
Comment by Noah (winty5) 17th february 2013
Well, I think myfonts staff will accept your 5Goldminer ;)
Comment by architaraz 17th february 2013
Comment by cablecomputer 17th february 2013
@winty5: I suspect that the problem with MyFonts is more of a legal one. They are a very professional outfit and everything is signed and sealed by a contract. They would not be able to proceed with these legal processes as you are only 10 years old.
Comment by p2pnut 17th february 2013
aw, bummer, dude. don't let this deter you. there are many ways to reach your goal. a simple solution might be to partner with parents and have them submit the paperwork. they may agree or not, but it's a thought. more important advice i would give at this point is, becoming a professional foundry is hard work and a long process - at least it has been for me. i've made some money from the fonts i created here, but it's been slow and sporadic. everybody's case is different i'm sure. you have displayed a true gift for type design. i would encourage you to continue, and to pursue your commercial ambitions, but don't let this distract you from having fun, being a kid, and enjoying fontstruct :)
Comment by funk_king 17th february 2013
winty5 — how about dafont?
Comment by demonics 17th february 2013
@architaraz: They didn't.

@cablecomputer: That makes 2 of us!

@p2p: You're probably right.

@fk: Thanks for all the support. I'll continue to use fontstruct, become more skilled, then maybe try again when I'm older.

@dm: Good idea!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 17th february 2013
Okay, i've got the dafont page:


Mikropix has 41 downloads on Dafont already!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 18th february 2013
Comment by demonics 18th february 2013
Thanks @dm :)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 18th february 2013
Gonna upload some more fonts so keep checking that page. Some of them aren't even made with FS!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 18th february 2013
What did you use for Skribal? That looks awesome!
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 18th february 2013
@Yautja: I used my handwriting and yourfonts.com ;)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 19th february 2013
Congrats for your new dafont account! Dafont is a great start for those who want go to serious typers. Don't go too far, it takes a lot of practice to make a higher quality fonts. Improve your skills, knowledge of fonts.
Btw, love your Skribal :)
Comment by cablecomputer 19th february 2013
Good luck with your new account :)
Comment by p2pnut 19th february 2013
Thanks guys! :)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 19th february 2013
IF you like skribal, you should check out Chyldren. It's new from Winter Design Studio (aka winty5 or WDS)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 20th february 2013
Yesterday I checked Chyldren. Good luck!
Comment by opipik 20th february 2013
Thanks opipik! Really appreciate it.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 21st february 2013
why did fontsbytes repost Mikropix without my permission?!

Comment by Noah (winty5) 22nd february 2013
Well, it's free for all to download (that is the nature of Fontstruct) ;)
And the uploader credited you, you should be happy for that (some works have been downloaded, renamed, and claimed by others as their own!)
Comment by Umbreon126 22nd february 2013
Mmmmyeah, your right.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 23rd february 2013
I like the shapes of the lowercase.
Comment by demonics 23rd february 2013
The lowercase are the same as caps. :)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 23rd february 2013
Sorry — I meant on Mikropix.
Comment by demonics 23rd february 2013
Oh. xD
Comment by Noah (winty5) 23rd february 2013
I might suggest posting some fonts on Dafont. I'm probably going to post some of my own fonts there.
Comment by Jamie Place (FontBlast) 25th february 2013
I posted some just now. Waitin' for them to be approved. Good luck! :)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 25th february 2013
Fonts approved. What did you use for Jester?
Comment by opipik 25th february 2013
I made Jester with a vector app called Glyphs.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 25th february 2013

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