by intaglio

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Info: Created on 10th January 2013 . Last edited on 16th January 2013.
License Creative Commons
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    Ever decreasing circles! Now of course I want infinitismals that can do the wedge shape on the left instead of what I have to do on the right. Tsk, tsk, some people are never satisfied...
    Comment by intaglio 14th January 2013
    Beautiful no matter what!
    Comment by architaraz 14th January 2013
    Isn't it the nature of genius to never be satisfied?

    This gets my 10/10 for the lowercase alone - can't wait for the Upper.
    Comment by p2pnut 14th January 2013
    Probably too wide, but just a suggestion. The lower case is superb! 10/10
    Comment by four 14th January 2013
    Wow — handmade! Groovy. 10/10
    Comment by demonics 14th January 2013
    Amazing font! So cool. 10/10
    Comment by Noah (winty5) 14th January 2013
    It has a nice handmade rough feel to it, awesome! 10/10
    Comment by Umbreon126 15th January 2013
    These votes are a bit premature! In the upper case it appears that no terminal shall appear the same. Doh. I'm jumping through hoops to get my bricks to join, with mixed results.
    These embarrassing problems manifest themselves with a clunk because I release it for all the world to see before it's even half baked.
    Comment by intaglio 15th January 2013
    Well, I've got myself into a world of strife with this and no doubt about it. I should have done this font at twice the size (at least four times the bricks). But of course I started just by noodling within a single brick space in order to find a use for the new bricks, and before I knowed it, a whole lower case had got itself made.
    The only way to fix it properly is to upscale it, because it doesn't use any curve bricks. If only I'd told myself that when I started! Can I face starting from scratch? Ugh, I'm bored with it now.
    Comment by intaglio 16th January 2013
    Given the limitations of size this is looking really good.

    Personally, I can't get my head around small scale designing - I much prefer the wide open ranges :)
    Comment by p2pnut 16th January 2013
    Looks like upscaling is the way to go. A lot of work, but a promising font like this is definitely worth pursuing!
    Comment by four 16th January 2013
    @p2pnut: I know. I must have a masochistic streak. It's a bit like a super-hard jigsaw puzzle. Half the appeal is wrestling with it. On the other hand... when tiny scale prevents you using the bricks you'd prefer it's a bit like getting more than half way through and realising there are about five jigsaw pieces missing. @four: I've been struggling with that very thought the past day or so. I'll give a few glyphs a go at the bigger size, to see if I can face doing it all again. The other temptation when you've got bricks to burn is finessing. By that I mean resisting the urge to smooth out curves because you can. Part of the charm of it is the abrupt angle changes.
    Comment by intaglio 16th January 2013