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3x3 pixel font. Extremely minimalist. Includes all cyrillics except for Й and Ы. Very minimalist.
Info: Created on 24th December 2012 . Last edited on 24th December 2012.
License Creative Commons
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Look at this crazy character: ﷺ
Comment by Noah (winty5) 24th December 2012
1)It's an Arabic ligature thing Unicode stuck in Unicode 2)Where and why did you even find that LOL
Comment by Umbreon126 25th December 2012
@Umbreom126: I know. I found it just by randomly browsing the web :P
Comment by Noah (winty5) 25th December 2012
Here's a magnified view:
Comment by Noah (winty5) 25th December 2012
Too many bugs (e.g. 'R') and dupes for me (lower case esp.). Perhaps you can improve a bit the Latin chrs ? (as I don't know about the accuracy in the Cyrillic ones). Interesting bilingual font anyway.
Comment by dpla 8th March 2013
@dpla: Thanks, but its pretty hard to work in such a small grid. (and yes, the cyrillic ones are horrible)
Comment by Noah (winty5) 8th March 2013
You're so right, it's a very tough job to put everything legibily in such a small grid. But a lot of satisfaction afterwards, believe me (though it's even funnier as 3x4 - hundreds of unique glyphs, even plenty of diacritics, even a lot of Cyrillics and special Unicode if you overcome the lowercase dilemma). I hope I was not too harsh in my previous C&C… it's my - bad - way of encouraging you. I know you can improve your micro font a lot ; e.g. see the other FontStructions from the list here :
Comment by dpla 8th March 2013
Ok. I'll be sure to update this.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 9th March 2013
Thank you. Though there's a lot of 3x3 'competitors', and since your 5Mikroskop got the size record (on FS at least) as a - partial - 2x3 identifiable font (1x2, 2x1 and 1x1 pixel can't), perhaps it is now another task for you to complete (it) too ? (Gr8t US/GB/ZZ synt@X, donT U' LOL!)
Comment by dpla 10th March 2013
1 duplicate (M=R)
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 12th May 2013
And next duplicate: V=Y
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 12th May 2013
Yes, Groszak, I think there are at least two approaches in this field of design :
• Similar chrs (unsafe, yet more legible) ;
• Unique chrs (safe, yet less legible).

E.g. the famous 'I' / 'l' / '1' / '|' ambiguity, that is quickly taken into profit pertaing to 3x3 grids :
… This glyph would stand for all of these chrs, acceptably
(I stop here this long topic…)
Comment by dpla 12th May 2013
Look at this crazy text: ⁂‽3̨ŢG̨f̨ųs̨r̨ąw̨b̨?̨2̨
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 14th May 2013
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 14th May 2013
@Groszak: Cool‽?̨ ŢhąŢs̨ ąw̨3̨s̨øme!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 14th May 2013
if you use windows, use character map and select character U+0328 (combining ogonek) in lucida sans unicode. if you put this after letter, then will put into letter. Use other combinings too
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 15th May 2013
and find other crazys
Comment by Account Moved (Groszak) 15th May 2013