A Wild West Stamp

by youjay68

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2 days to produce the first letter not sure when the full set will be done... saved out as a ttf and errors occurring with some of the base elements, curves coming out as steps etc... May be due to the size of the glyph will have to simplify.
Info: Created on 18th December 2012 . Last edited on 19th December 2012.
License Creative Commons
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This Glyph is 130x268, I'm loosing some of the rounded corner blocks when converting to a ttf any ideas? Is there a maximum reliable glyph size?
Comment by youjay68 19th December 2012
Ok so the screen grab doesn't help here's an enlargement. On the left the glyph in illustrator and on the right the fontstuct close up.
Comment by youjay68 19th December 2012
That A is A-mazing! You should create a full alphabet. The A by itself desrves a 10/10
Comment by Noah (winty5) 19th December 2012
Thanks. I have the set worked out in photoshop just need to convert it. But having trouble with the ttf output at the moment. May have to drop the round edges. Could be quite a while though it took me 2 days to do the A.
Comment by youjay68 19th December 2012
I've been there ( and some others did ) The fontstructor is not made for such large grids and all kinds of problems accur then. You should try and reduce the size (Now the composites permit this. Frodo7 had to reduce his fractal giant grid font to make it functional on FS. I personally also did a giant A from which many bricks disappeard after download. I finally divided it in some parts from which i developped new styles. It is also why the zooming in Fontstructor is limited, when you go far away from this limit, it's at your own risks!
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 19th December 2012
Yup thats pertty much the coclusion I came up with. Have been looking into stacking and making components to allow a smaller grid. The rounding on all the corners may also need to be abandond for simplicity. If its a slow day in the office tomorrow I will have a play.

In truth I thought the pixel count may be an issue which is why I only did the one character...

Thanks for the advice.
Comment by youjay68 19th December 2012
Another thing : if you decide to continue anyway, save often your work, even finishing a glyph and make security clones, or even better copy and paste individually the glyphs in a new fontstruction cause at one point the file could simply refuse to open. I've also been there with my more than 200 cases high Lysergic Series...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 19th December 2012
Good advice... I've always said that by the time you think of saving it's already too late...
Comment by youjay68 19th December 2012