fs Mom

by thalamic

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My mom's knitting a sweater for my nephew who's 4 and just a tad crazy about letters and numbers (it might be a family thing). She needed letter patterns. So...
Info: Created on 23rd November 2012 . Last edited on 13th December 2012.
License Creative Commons
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    That's funny :-) What a way to show the versatility of FS!
    Comment by demonics 24th November 2012
    Comment by thalamic 24th November 2012
    Great stitch-font! The sample looks pretty awesome too. 10/10
    Comment by Noah (winty5) 24th November 2012
    Great work thalamic, great work mom!
    Comment by four 24th November 2012
    Wow! How I like it! Xmas time is near. BTW, I made a stitch font for my last 2012 Xmas greeting card. It's more simple than yours but I hope you like it:
    And the sample is perfect too!
    Comment by elmoyenique 24th November 2012
    Thanks guys. :-)

    @winty5: You are having fun on fontstruct. Carry on. :-)

    @elmo: I wish I'd remembered that!
    Comment by thalamic 24th November 2012
    A great use of FS - hope your Mum found it useful. I'm sure your nephew will love the result :) 10/10
    Comment by p2pnut 25th November 2012
    :-) Sweet sample!
    Comment by laynecom 26th November 2012
    Sweet :)
    Comment by architaraz 26th November 2012
    Very cool and appropriate use of FS!
    Comment by fugitiveglue 26th November 2012
    Really great. Could you add nothing to it ;-) ?
    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 12th December 2012
    Am I right in thinking that meek's allusion to 'nothing' means add a zero?
    Comment by p2pnut 12th December 2012
    @p2pnut: Probably...
    Comment by Noah (winty5) 12th December 2012
    Nice bit of sleuthing on Mr. Meek's nice bit of play on words, Ray. :-)

    Nothing added.
    Comment by thalamic 13th December 2012
    Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “fs Mom” is now a Top Pick.
    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 13th December 2012
    Thanks for nothing! ;-)
    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 13th December 2012
    Nothing ventured ... a TP gained! :-)
    Comment by p2pnut 13th December 2012

    Comment by thalamic 13th December 2012
    Cool! 10
    Comment by Evgeny Koroletov (WHAT) 24th December 2012
    Did she finish that sweater?
    Comment by four 21st January 2013
    Отличный шрифт, замечательная идея и реализация!
    Comment by lord_fauntleroy 22nd January 2013